Today, in Tunisia....

...filming began on a project I was sure was dead as a doornail.

According to a couple of different news outlets, location shooting begins this week in Tunisia on Tales of the Ancient Empire, a sword-and-sorcery action epic directed by Albert Pyun and starring Kevin Sorbo, Christopher Lambert, and Lee Horsley, among others.

So what?

Well, if you're a lover of trashy B-movies (I am) and a huge nerd with a long memory (like I even need to demonstrate THOSE credentials) then perhaps you, too, will remember that this is the long-promised sequel to Pyun's 1980's epic The Sword and the Sorcerer.

I'm sort of torn between being overjoyed and being appalled. But Lee Horsley sure is a good sport for coming back for another turn in the loincloth.... last I heard, he was making a good living writing Westerns.

No word on Richard Moll returning, but I have hopes.

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