Today - Brian K. Vaughan Live On Fanboy Radio

Official Press Release

With his work featured and reviewed in The New York Times, Entertainment Weekly, USA Today, NPR News and Publishers Weekly is it any wonder that the Eisner Award-winning writer is a critic and fan favorite? His work is a veritable list of must-buy comics: Pride of Baghdad, Runaways, Ex Machina, The Escapists, Y: The Last Man, Dr. Strange: Oath and that's just what is currently coming out now! Brian has also written dialog for Superman, Spidey, Batman, the X-Men, Green Lantern, Captain America and just about every important comic book icon.

"It's always a huge treat to have Brian on," the host of Fanboy Radio, Scott Hinze says. "He's a brutally funny, smart and a stand-up guy. With all the amazing work out there with his name on it – we couldn't cover it all in ten episodes! Alas, we have but one break-free hour of BVK for our audience – this month."

Tune in for Fanboy Radio #341 today, Wednesday, October 18th, for Fanboy Radio with Brian K Vaughan at 1pm Central (2pm Eastern, 11am Pacific) give the show a call at (817) 257-7631 – everyone who makes it on the air will receive a free FUNimation DVD!

Fanboy Radio broadcasts from http://www.fanboyradio.com , streams the latest episodes from http://www.myspace.com/fanboyradio and offers exclusive podcasts from http://www.fbrpc.com

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