To Save the Marvel Universe, "Old Man Logan" Must [Spoilers]

SPOILER WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for "Old Man Logan" #1, on sale now.

We've known for months that Amadeus Cho's totally Awesome Hulk was going to clash with Logan in February, but it turns out Cho may just be collateral damage on the title hero's path to preventing the Apocalypse.

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The final page of Jeff Lemire and Andrea Sorrentino's "Old Man Logan" #1 reveals that Bruce Banner, specifically, is the Gamma-irradiated man with a target on his back.

Joining Banner on Logan's hit list are the names of the other people specifically responsible for the downfall of the X-Men and his family: Mysterio and Red Skull. The issue kicks things off with the easiest target on his hasty list -- Butcher, a low-grade villain that antagonized Logan's son in his original timeline. Now that Old Man Logan is in present-day Marvel, a few years ahead of his timeline's decline, he's immediately set out to kill his villains years before they commit their crimes.

The issue of whether or not this Old Man Logan is the version from Mark Millar and Steve McNiven's original story, the "Secret Wars" incarnation of the character, or a third iteration remains a bit of a mystery. Today's issue more or less picks up where the "Secret Wars" limited series left off, which saw Old Man Logan waking up in Times Square following the dissolution of Battleworld. The specifics are slightly different, however, as the Logan in today's issue wakes up with a clouded memory, and the Logan at the end of the "Secret Wars" series had no such problem and encountered different people.

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