To do: Saturday's <i>Haunted</i> signing in Brandon, Florida

Xeric grant-winning cartoonist Joshua Smeaton will mark the release of his graphic novel Haunted with a signing from noon to 3 p.m. Saturday at Read More Comics in Brandon, Florida.

Haunted is a full-color collection of Smeaton's webcomic about a group of middle-school friends who want nothing more than to sneak into a high-school Halloween party at an abandoned mansion. But once they get there, they discover they're not the only uninvited guests. (I interviewed Smeaton about Haunted in November.)

My copy arrived in the mail today, and it looks great: digest-sized, beautifully colored and with a half-dozen pages of extras. If I were near Brandon on Saturday, rather than almost 800 miles away, I'd definitely stop by the signing.

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