To Close or Not to Close: Joe Quesada refutes Marvel Knights close rumor

[Marvel Knights]In an mid-week update to Lying In The Gutters here at CBR, Rich Johnston reports a green-lighted rumor that the Marvel Knights imprint at Marvel Comics is to close down. A specific date was not mentioned when the imprint would be shut down. For the full story, read Rich's update.

Marvel Knights was started by Joe Quesada and Jimmy Palmiotti through their Event Comics publishing group in which they took over the production on a number of different Marvel titles including "Daredevil," "Black Panther" "Captain America" and "The Punisher." The line proved very succesful and ultimately landed Quesada the job of Editor-In-Chief at Marvel Comics.

CBR News contacted Quesada for clarification of this rumor.

"Marvel Knights is not shut down, the imprint will continue for what appears to be a very long time," Quesada told CBR News. "What is going away is the packaging deal. MK was informed last year that 2003 would be the last year for the packaging deal, not the imprint."

Currently Quesada's wife, Nanci Dakesian, is the editor of the Marvel Knights line. With Marvel Knights shuttered, Dakesian would be out of a job. According to Rich Johnston, Dakesian could not be offered a job at Marvel Comics due to nepotism rules within Marvel. We asked Quesada to clarify his statement above, how these changes will affect the various titles and also to address Dakesian's employment at the company and the rumor that she has interviewed for a job at DC.

"To the reader, nothing will change at all. All the MK titles remain the same and the creative stays the same. All it means is that the original packaging deal that was made with Event Comics comes to an end at the end of this year. Nanci is stil there until December and perhaps a bit longer."

Dakesian was not available for comment at press time. CBR News will update this story when/if there are new developments.

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