TMP Gives State of the Spawn Empire Address: 'Spawn: The Dark Ages' Cancelled, 'Sam & Twitch' Not

Reports of the cancellation of "Sam & Twitch" from Todd McFarlane Productions may have been exaggerated, but another "Spawn" spin-off has indeed gotten the axe.

In a posting on the company Web site on Friday, TMP clarified that one of their four titles – "Spawn: The Dark Ages" – was indeed cancelled.

"The final issue will be #28, in which writer Steve Niles wraps up many loose ends of his tight, well-researched story line. We thank Niles, Nat Jones, Kevin Conrad, Todd Broeker and everyone else involved in the book. Unfortunately, the book simply could no longer support itself. If you're a fan of the book, be on the lookout for this creative team to continue work on a new title, 'Fused,' which will be published by Image Central."

Not cancelled, though, is "Sam & Twitch," although the book did not appear in the last edition of the Previews catalog.

"In fact, the book is one of Todd McFarlane's personal favorites and has been completely plotted through issue #26. McFarlane is writing the book and fell a little behind in the middle of his Jon Doe Affair story arc. That's why the book wasn't solicited in 'Previews,' so we could catch up. Artist Alex Maleev will be on until issue 26, at which time a new artist will take over."

"Hellspawn" and "Spawn" continue on, of course, with Niles and a new artist to be announced later handling "Hellspawn" and McFarlane and Brian Holguin plotting " an epic new story arc featuring a host of old-favorite characters and Spawn teaming up with the one person you'd never believe ... "

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