TMNT, Thor, Y: The Last Man: July 1st Comic Reel


Film producer Scott Mednick spoke with mania.com about the upcoming big green reboot of the live action franchise. "We are intent on re-telling the origin, as it was in Batman, as it was in Superman, frankly as it was in Spider-Man, to tell the origin story. We have an entire new generation of fans who really don't know the full back story," he tells mania.com The new film will use technology featured in Mednick's upcoming "Where the Wild Things Are." He explains, "There's face-replacement technology. The Wild Things were actually done by the Creature shop and Brian Henson, and we use face-replacement technology to get more emotive and expressive faces out of puppets."

Release date, TBA


Newsarama spoke with writer Brian Micheal Bendis about various Marvel happenings. In the interview, he gave a brief glimpse into his involvement with the film. He says, "When Kenneth Branagh was hired for Thor, they flew us out and we got to spend the day listening to a seven-hour performance of what he imagines the 'Thor' movie would be." He called Branagh's pitch "Shakespearean." Unlike many productions, which disregard the source material, Bendis says the Marvel films have an unusual amount of commutation between the screenwriters and comic scribes. "They've asked me to be part of this team of guys who they pick their brains and take their advice. And for me it's great to watch these writers deal with it and handle it. Watching them is a lot of fun," Bendis says.

Also, Comics2Film at mania.com says all the scuttle about constant Branagh collaborator Brian Blessed appearing in the film is false.

Directed by Kenneth Branagh, release date: May 20, 2011


CBR's old friend, Rich Johnston laid his hands on a copy of Brian K. Vaughn's draft of the script. His review is up over at Bleeding Cool. Clearly, the spoiler warning on this is super nova. This draft is now some four years out of date, but Rich says it got him the job on lost. "This movie is not so much an adaption of the comic book," he says "Instead it's Ultimate Y The Last Man, taking all the things Brian had learned while writing the comic and applying them to its very beginning. It's more focused. Characters who grow and develop, who we first met as the comic progressed are there right at the beginning, following their own parallel lives that we only get to understand in the comic in flashback or exposition."

Directed by DJ Caruso, release date: TBA


Bam Kapow claimed the Brandon Routh film "Dead of Night" will go straight to DVD. The film, based on the Italian comic, "Dylan Dog," filmed in New Orleans earlier this year. Added as an editor's note to a previous story on the film, the site alleged, "We've received word the movie will not hit theaters and will be a direct-to-DVD release." Bam Kapow has since retracted the earlier statement.

As some of you know, I was on the set of the film in May, so I called Randy Greenberg, Executive Producer of "Dead of Night" and asked him directly about this rumor. "There is no doubt that 'Dead of Night' will be a theatrical release," Greenberg said. "The rumors are ridiculous; we just finished production six weeks ago and are now in post production."

Directed by Kevin Monroe, release date: 2010


Show writer Bryan Q. Miller spoke with Kryptonsite about his upcoming Teen Titans run and spoke briefly about season nine of the CW drama. Specifically, he is currently working on the fourth episode of the season. "The most I can probably share is the very cryptic: 'And she doesn't notice the tag is still on the dress.' That could always change before production. I wouldn't want fans of dresses with tags to get too upset if that beat never hits the screen! " the writer revealed.

Meamwhile, Sci Fi Wire refutes the belief the upcoming season is the last. Jason Hartley, who plays Oliver Queen told them, "they're so busy right now, they don't know if they're doing one more season or eight more seasons or two more seasons."

New episodes start September 25


Moviehole reveals the identity of another cameo appearance in the film. D.J AM, a Los Angeles area club DJ will be spinning platters at a birthday party for Tony Stark. Also, MTV Splashpage reports Samuel L. Jackson has completed his scenes for the film. "We still haven't moved Nick Fury into the bad-ass zone. He's still just kind of a talker," he says.

Starring Robert Downey Jr., release date: May 7, 2010


The Vegan Police are here in today's Scott Pilgrim pics, courtesy of the dedicated Edgar Wright blog.

Starring Michael Cera and Chris Evans, release date: 2010.


Voices from Krypton over at Comic Book Movie have a brief phone interview with the film's voice director, Andrea Romano. Romano, who has been involved with DC's animated properties since "Batman: the Animated Series," recalls the casting of Superman's four voices. She remarks on the striking similarity between "Superman: the Animated Series" voice Tim Daly (who returns for "Public Enemies" and "Justice League's" George Newbern.

Release date: September 29, 2009


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