TJ Miller Clarifies Rumors About His Deadpool Future

TJ Miler in Deadpool 2

Following months of speculation about T.J. Miller's future in the Deadpool franchise, the actor has taken to social media to clear up a few things.

It was initially reported in May reported that Miller wouldn't be reprising his role as Weasel in the third installment of the series, expected to be X-Force, following an allegation of sexual assault and an arrest for allegedly making a false bomb threat. Over the weekend, a screencap of a text exchange with Miller circulated in which he appeared to confirm that he won't return for Deadpool 3. However, the actor quickly pushed back against what he characterized as "fake things."

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In response to one fan's tweet saying he's "sad to hear" Miller isn't returning, the actor replied with some clarification: "There are no plans yet for a Deadpool 3. I’m contracted to do a third, but saying I’m not going to be in something that has yet to exist is like saying “t.j. confirmed he will not be reincarnated into an elephant.”

Miller ends his tweets with a to-the-point message: "There is no Deadpool 3 yet. I was never supposed to be in X-Force. Stop reporting fake things?"

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As recently as May, star Ryan Reynolds expressed some doubt about Deadpool 3, but all seems to be on track to continue.

In the meantime, X-Force, is n pre-production, with star Reynolds confirmed to return as Deadpool. Director Drew Godard (The Cabin in the Woods) will reportedly be at the helm, and Deadpool 2 stars Josh Brolin and Zazie Beetz will reprise their roles as Cable and Domino, respectively.

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