Title of Kevin Smith's "Supergirl" Episode Nearly Brings Him to Tears

The announcement that Kevin Smith will direct an episode of The CW's "Supergirl" has the filmmaker predictably excited, but also borderline tearful.

In an episode of "Fat Man on Batman" recorded before the network's Television Critics Association panel on Thursday, the always-enthusiastic Smith talks at length about the series, making the hard sell to his devoted following. "I fucking love this show," he says with the excitement, and profanity, fans have come to expect from Smith.

But around the 12-minute mark, he turns sentimental as he reveals the tentative title of his episode.

"[Executive Producer] Andrew Kreisberg told me the name of the episode is 'Supergirl Lives,'" Smith says, seemingly choking up. "I'm going to cry talking about this. The name of the script I wrote back in 1996 was called 'Superman Lives.' That's what they do over at that fucking Berlanti-verse, they make magic. They reach into your fucking heart, they cleave it in twain, they fill it full of fucking stuffing and shit -- marshmallows -- and sew it back up. They show it to you first, like, 'Fucker,' and put it in your chest and sew it back up, and you're happy for it. They know how to fucking massage the ticker."

"Superman Lives" is, of course, the now infamous film that was to be directed by Tim Burton, with Nicolas Cage in the starring role. Although Smith wrote the original screenplay, Burton later brought in his own writers, and the film was ultimately abandoned after pre-production had begin.

Smith directed a Season 2 episode of "The Flash," and will return for the upcoming third season. He's also expressed interest in working on "Arrow."

"Supergirl" Season 2 premieres Oct. 10 on The CW.

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