Titans: Everything You Need to Know About the Bloody First Trailer

The debut trailer arrived this morning for Titans, offering a first look at the flagship live-action series from the DC Universe streaming service, and seeding clues to some of the bigger mysteries.

We already knew from the previously released synopsis that Dick Grayson and Rachel Roth, aka Raven, are brought together by a conspiracy that threatens to bring "hell on Earth," but this footage fills in some of the gaps, suggesting that isn't hyperbole. It almost certainly involves demonic possession, and quite possibly Rachel's interdimensional-demon father from DC comics, Trigon.

We break down the most significant moments from this first trailer, and try to piece together the clues to the Season 1 plot and this hellish conspiracy.


'You're the Boy from the Circus'

The trailer opens on a vision or dream experienced by Rachel Roth (Teagan Croft), aka Raven, of what in DC comic book lore is Haly's Circus, home to the Flying Graysons acrobat troupe. During a stop in Gotham City, the circus' owner was confronted by gangsters who attempted to extort protection money. When he refused, they sabotaged the trapeze, so that during the next performance, the ropes snapped, sending Dick Grayson's parents falling to their deaths, and leaving the young boy an orphan.

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Of course, Dick was named the ward of the wealthy Bruce Wayne, trained as a crime-fighter and then adopted the costumed identity of Robin. The Dynamic Duo then made swift work of the criminals responsible for the deaths of the Graysons.


That's Detective Grayson

Since his introduction in 1940, Dick Grayson has been an acrobat, a student, a police officer, a bartender, a museum curator and even a super-spy. Although in the comics Dick became a police officer in crime-ridden Bludhaven, the hero's longtime stomping grounds, Titans appears to make him a detective in Gotham (the location isn't specified in the trailer, but the later comment by the criminal in the alley suggests just that).

'Please, Can You Help Me?

The premise of the series appears to draw heavily from DC’s The New Teen Titans, launched in 1980 by Marv Wolfman and George Perez, in which the half-demon/half-human Raven manipulates a group of young heroes to battle the threat posed by her father, the interdimensional demon Trigon. However, the Raven in the live-action series is clearly based on her more recent depictions, including the one more familiar to audiences from the Teen Titans animated series.


RELATED: Live-Action Titans Reveals First Full-Body Robin Photo[The first synopsis for Titans characterizes Rachel as "a special young girl possessed by a strange darkness," which should be taken literally, judging from the trailer. While in the comics Raven was raised in another dimension, and trained to suppress her demonic side, this footage implies she may be the possessed pawn of a group that wishes to bring "hell on Earth" (presumably Trigon).

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