Titans' First Trailer Appears to Homage A Classic Teen Titans Scene

Fresh from Comic-Con International in San Diego, the first trailer for the live-action Teen Titans series, Titans has been released. The show will launch this fall on DC Universe, DC's own multimedia streaming platform that promises to be the "ultimate membership" for fans, with Titans being one of a handful of original shows subscribers will have exclusive access to.

Other than a couple of unofficial shots of the cast that made the rounds on social media, and a even fewer officially released promotional images of Brenton Thwaites' Robin and Alan Ritchson's and Minka Kelly's Hawk and Dove, this Comic-Con trailer is our first proper taste of the kind of show Titans will be. And, judging from what we've seen so far, that taste will be full of blood, sweat and tears.

The Teen Titans have been kicking criminal butt on our small screens in cartoon form since 2003, but given that the current iteration of Titans' long-serving animated counterparts -- Teen Titans Go! -- relies on fourth-wall breaking zaniness and fart jokes to pull in viewers, the two worlds couldn't be further apart.

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That's how it appears on the surface, at least. Fans of the original Teen Titans cartoon may have felt a little deja vu while watching one pivotal sequence in the Titans trailer. The scene in question features Robin proving his independence from his former mentor as bluntly as possible -- brutally (or possibly fatally) striking down a group of men in an alleyway after they query where said-Bat-themed-mentor is. It's strikingly reminiscent of a scene that happened during Teen Titans Season 5's "Go!," an episode that revealed what each member of the team's life was like just prior to the Titans forming... which is the entire premise of Titans.

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