Titans Special #1 Will Explore Aftermath of Metal, Justice League: No Justice

Titans and Aquaman writer Dan Abnett will be returning to the Titans in June for Titans Special #1.

The issue tells the story of how Nightwing brings the Titans team back together again after the events of "Titans Apart" and Justice League: No Justice. The synopsis for the issue teases a new direction with old and new members working together. Abnett will be joined by Paul Pelletier on interiors with a cover by Brandon Peterson.

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It’s the dawn of a new age of TITANS! The events of METAL and NO JUSTICE have left the team in tatters, but a strange new threat has emerged to lead Nightwing to reassemble the Titans with a mix of old blood and new. A rash of metahuman power fluctuations are threatening people around the globe, and only the friends who grew up as superheroes can help those whose powers have grown out of control! It all starts here in this special issue kicking off a bold new direction!

Following Titans disappearance from May's official solicitations, its future seemed to be in doubt. The special could essentially relaunch the book without starting with a new #1. There is no official word on who will be part of this new team, but Nightwing, Arsenal, Tempest and Donna Troy appear to be safe.

DC Comics is seemingly doing the same with Teen Titans, which has also been MIA from solicitations. The publisher previously announced the Teen Titans Special by Adam Glass. Titans Special #1 is billed to be 48 pages and will published on June 13.

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