Titans Season 2 is More Concerned with Bruce Wayne Than Batman

Getting excited to see Iain Glen’s Batman kick butt and take names in Titans Season 2? You might want to pump the brakes on the hype train. It turns out the sophomore season of Titans isn’t very concerned with Batman because it’s preoccupied with his civilian alter ego, Bruce Wayne.

The news comes courtesy of TV Guide Magazine’s Comic-Con Special. When asked if the sophomore season would include more Batman, executive producer Greg Walker explained that the relationship between Dick Grayson and Bruce Wayne might actually be a more tantalizing prospect.

"We’re more interested in understanding the Bruce Wayne/Dick Grayson relationship, with the premise that he’s really good at being Batman, but he’s not very good at being Bruce Wayne," said Walker. “Expect more of the ‘psychological and emotional reality of their relationship.”

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Batman has already enjoyed a bit of screen time in Titans. A shade of the Dark Knight appeared to Robin in the Season 1 finale when the young hero was under the influence of the demon Trigon. Viewers never got a very good look at that Batman, largely because he was meant to be a menacing figure who lurked in the shadows, playing off Robin’s fears and uncertainties.

The news that the World’s Greatest Detective likely won’t suit up (very much) in Season 2 might be disappointing for fans, but it does afford the opportunity to see the DC Universe through a somewhat uncommon perspective: Bruce Wayne’s.

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