Titans May Have All-New Members By the End of Season 1

The central cast of the DC Universe's Titans may only feature four characters (Dick Grayson, Starfire, Raven and Beast Boy), but that hasn't stopped the original series from sprinkling in guest appearances from other DC superheroes.

Though we're only nine episodes into the inaugural season, fans have already been introduced to the crimefighting duo of Hawk and Dove, the dysfunction family called the Doom Patrol, the second Robin in Jason Todd and a retired Donna Troy aka Wonder Girl. Entire episodes were dedicated to giving these character an adequate amount of screen time to let their personalities shine, which should naturally progress to fans demanding to see even more of them on a regular basis.

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Luckily, the way Season 1 is shaping up, viewers may get their wish sooner than they thought. The DC Universe confirmed at New York Comic Con that a second season of Titans is in the works, which will no doubt introduce even more heroes and villains from the comics. The way Season 1 is unfolding, we're betting once Season 2 debuts the official cast of Titans will have grown to include guest-stars Hawk, Dove and Wonder Girl.

After debuting in Episode 2, titled "Hawk and Dove," Titans returned to the characters for Episode 9's "Hank and Dawn" for what can only be described as a riskier take on their origin story. The only member of the Titans to appear in "Hank and Dawn" was Raven, as her astral form tried to plead for help inside the minds of Hawk and Dove.

Once Dawn woke up from the injuries she sustained in "Hawk and Dove," she told Hank that they needed to help Raven by finding Jason Todd. At the moment, Raven is with Beast Boy and Starfire at her mother's family home, but Starfire's memories are starting to come back to her, and they include her true mission of killing Raven.

If Hawk and Dove can find Jason Todd, the three should be able to rescue Raven before any harm comes to her. However, a future and current Titan are already making their way to the house to do the exact same thing.

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Donna Troy in Titans

After reuniting Raven with her long-lost birth mother, Dick left his Titans teammates to continue his personal journey outside of the rather large shadow cast by Batman and his sidekick alter ego, Robin. This led him to seek out fellow sidekick, Donna Troy, who has retired from being Wonder Girl. However, Donna may not stay retired for long, because a preview of this week's episode shows her unleashing her Lasso of Persuasion on Starfire.

The season appears to be building to the climactic reveal of Raven's father, who we know from the comics as the demon Trigon. It will surely take more than four Titans to deal with a threat of that magnitude, and it wouldn't take much for Wonder Girl to stick around to keep an eye on her childhood friend, Dick. The same can be said for Hawk and Dove as well, since they are bringing Jason Todd along with them.

Once the dust settles, the second Robin should head back to patrol the streets of Gotham City next to Batman, but it doesn't mean Hawk, Dove and Wonder Girl will disappear into the background. All three heroes are well known for Titans in the comics, with Wonder Girl being a founding member of the New Teen Titans that the DC Universe series is taking inspiration from.

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Before Titans Season 2 introduces superheroes like Superboy and Wally West (we're crossing our fingers this happens), there are two things that need to happen: Dick Grayson officially transitioning from his Robin persona to Nightwing, and Hawk, Dove and Wonder Girl joining the team. Remember, Donna still has her Wonder Girl costume. The Season 1 finale would be the perfect time for her to get it out of storage as she stands alongside her new teammates.

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