How, And Why, Nightwing's New Titans Are Actually a Justice League Team

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Titans Special #1, by Dan Abnett, Sergio Davila, Brent Peeples, Brian Ching, Nicola Scott, Ben Oliver, and more, on sale now.

The DC Universe has become a much more dangerous place since the Source Wall was damaged at the end of Dark Nights: Metal. The Omega Titans attacked the universe, and new threats have been popping up left and right. In order to combat these threats, the Justice League has gotten bigger and better. Three teams operating out of the Hall of Justice should have been enough, but as Titans Special #1 proves, it's not.

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The hole in the Source Wall might be slowly killing the DC Multiverse, but in the meantime it is also causing things to go haywire on Earth. This universe is being bombarded with all kinds of unknown cosmic energies, and it's having an effect on the metahuman population. New people are emerging with uncontrollable powers, and established superheroes are evolving. Nightwing starts up a new team to deal with this dangerous development, but will it be enough to handle what's coming?

Titans Together Again... for the First Time

Nightwing is putting the old gang back together, sort of. After the Justice League shut down the Titans, Dick decides in Titans Special #1 that a team is needed to deal with the emerging metahuman threat. Dick has seen firsthand what the new status quo of the universe is doing to people, and he believes he can make a true difference. By forming a proactive superhero outreach team, Nightwing can help new metahumans before they become threats. Not only does the Justice League approve of this idea, they also decide to actively support it.

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Given a headquarters inside the Hall of Justice and the massive amount of resources only the Justice League has, Nightwing is ready to reform his group of 'New' Titans. He just needs to actually recruit some team members. Instead of selecting from a group the Justice League had been looking over, Nightwing decides to keep things in-house, so to speak, and recruits several former members of the Titans and Teen Titans.

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