Comic Legends: Were Nightwing and Donna Troy Nearly a Couple?

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Marv Wolfman wanted to have Dick Grayson and Donna Troy date late in his original run on New Titans



The early 1990s were a strange time for Marv Wolfman on the New Titans. After launching the New Teen Titans in 1980 with George Perez, Wolfman had a bunch of characters that he and Perez could do whatever they wanted with. The only character that Wolfman had restrictions on was Robin, who was still ostensibly Batman's partner in crimefighting and thus Wolfman had certain limitations on what he could do with the character. New Teen Titans proved so popular, though, that eventually DC introduced a new Robin, Jason Todd, so that Wolfman could take control of Dick Grayson. He had Dick become Nightwing and become firmly a part of the Titans universe for the rest of the 1980s (with George Perez leaving the Titans in 1986 or so, Wolfman was soon the sole guy in charge of the Titans, although Perez made a brief comeback for a few years in the late 1980s as the co-plotter of the book).

However, in the early 1990s, DC and Marvel were in the midst of expansion mania. Comic books were selling so much that every comic book title that was remotely successful had to have spin-offs and be a "family" of titles. Thus, New Titans spun off into Team Titans. That spinoff series was then taken from Marv Wolfman and now, for the first time in quite a while, he did not have control of one of the major members of the original New Teen Titans, Donna Troy (Wally West also got his own title, but he had already left the New Teen Titans by that point).

Donna Troy was especially important to Marv Wolfman, as he had been the first writer to come up with an origin (and a name) for Wonder Girl way back when, early in Marv's career.

He later had her marry Terry Long and have a kid with Long...

But then, when she and Terry were in Team Titans, they divorced. Then, Terry Long was killed, along with Donna's son with Terry.

This set up Donna for a relationship with the then-new Green Lantern, Kyle Rayner.

Around the same time, Nightwing and Starfire broke up and Marv Wolfman later recalled, "“I don’t usually talk about undone stories because some day they may get done. But yes, there was a Dick-Donna romance planned. Frankly, I would have left her married to her hubby because I still think Terry was the best match for her but since he was killed off without my imput, I did plan to later get the D-twins (Dick & Donna) together, if only for them to see that they were too similar to be together.”

Wolfman had famously done a lot with the FRIENDSHIP between Dick and Donna, like the classic issue where Dick tracked down Donna's adopted family before her marriage...

However, as noted, the Green Lantern title had already called romantic "dibs" on Donna and Nightwing, meanwhile, was being pulled back into the Batman family of books.

Wolfman soon after then just ended his classic run on the Titans with New Titans #130, roughly SIXTEEN YEARS of Titans writing by Wolfman!

So it would not have been a longterm relationship between Dick and Donna, but it would have been interesting to see it happen, nonetheless.

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