Titans Just Rebooted, And We Already Can't Trust a Core Member

SPOILER WARNING: The following article contains major spoilers for Titans #23 by Dan Abnett, Brandon Peterson, and Ivan Plascencia, in stores now.

Dan Abnett and Brandon Peterson have officially relaunched Titans in a bold new direction with a different team of heroes. Gone is the group of friends trying to make their way in the world together. In their place is a collection of up-and-comers with a very specific mission to fulfill. Nightwing has brought together Donna Troy, Beast Boy, Raven, and Steel in order to deal with emerging threats in the wake of the Source Wall coming down.

The Justice League has been nice enough to provide the young heroes with a headquarters and the resources needed to do their job, but this new partnership isn't going as smoothly as some might have hoped. Miss Martian has been added to the team's roster to serve as Justice League liaison, and already we have to wonder if she can be trusted.

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In Titans #23, there is a battle for control over the group, and a hint that secrets are being kept by the Justice League. The Titans may be out to save emerging metahumans in danger, but can they really be an effective team if they can't trust each other?

The Fight For Control Is On

This group may have been brought together by Nightwing, but the very fact that Miss Martian has been placed on the team makes Dick feel like his authority has been undermined. On their first mission, M'gann is left behind at HQ in order to provide communications support with the use of her telepathy. It's clear that Nightwing wants no part of Miss Martian and doesn't trust her to be in the field with them. After all, her very presence on the team puts his leadership into question.

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When she finally enters the fight, against Nightwing's orders, an argument breaks out over who is really in charge and what methodology they should employ. One of the group's targets ends up dead, and the two fight over what it means for the Titans to have a successful mission. Nightwing believes that no one should die, while Miss Martian claims that "More may die tomorrow. And the day after," as if this is merely something to learn from and work on. It's clear the two have very different viewpoints, which will only make this power struggle more dangerous in the future.

It's important to remember that the Justice League only just recently forcefully disbanded the original Titans. Though Nightwing has received support from the big guns, it doesn't mean he necessarily trusts them. After all, he had planned to reform the team with or without their approval; the resources were just a nice bonus. Considering tensions were still high, the Justice League's decision to provide them with a new member felt more like they were giving Nightwing a babysitter than extra support.

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