Titans' Jason Todd Actor Wants to Play Red Hood

It's only been a couple of weeks since Jason Todd first popped up on Titans, but already he's made a lasting impression on fans. Actor Curran Walters plays the new Robin, and is quite a bit more excited to have the cape and mask than his predecessor was. But that doesn't mean he isn't already looking ahead. While speaking with DC Universe's Joe McCabe, Walters was asked if he'd be interested in donning the Red Hood. His answer was, of course, yes.

"I would love to play Red Hood someday," said Walters. "But I have no idea what the show's producers' plans are for Jason yet." It's no surprise that the Red Hood hasn't been discussed with him to this point, especially seeing as the show is still pretty new and the character isn't exactly synonymous with the Titans team. In all likelihood, the story will probably start to move more of its focus onto the other Titans, rather than the pseudo-sibling rivalry between the Bat-sidekicks.

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That said, the Jason Todd Robin that Titans has shown us thus far actually matches the tone of the show better than a traditional Dick Grayson portrayal ever could, and has added some insight into this universe's Bruce Wayne and how he thinks. Unmoved by Dick's rejection of the role and lifestyle in Gotham, Bruce wasted little time recruiting a replacement, and that speaks volumes. This dark and violent portrayal of Todd matches his comic counterpart pretty well, and Curran Walters has proven a solid pick for the role after his previous work hadn't really screamed "vigilante hero" too loudly.

The actual character of Red Hood could fit in pretty seamlessly, given the content of the Titans show and what feels like a natural progression for a character who is destined to either outgrow Batman's non-lethal methods or lose his title as Robin because of an inability to follow the rules.

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How big a role Jason Todd will actually play moving forward still isn't known, but just his existence might be all it takes to inspire Grayson to leave behind the yellow cape. The seemingly inevitable transition into Nightwing, a moniker Grayson has been using in the comics for nearly 35 years now, would make thematic sense, and further aid him as he attempts to distance himself from the Bat. Plus, Jason Todd becoming the Red Hood could eventually open the door for a Tim Drake Robin to appear, and who doesn't want to see that?

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