Titans Deals With the Aftermath of Heroes in Crisis' Multiple Fatalities

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Titans #27 by Dan Abnett, Brent Peeples, Matt Santorelli, Ivan Plascencia and Dave Sharpe, on sale now.

The Titans never seem to be able to catch a break. First, the heroes discovered their memories had been altered when the New 52 debuted, causing them to forget their many adventures together. When they finally came back together as the Titans, the Justice League shut them down over fears the team wasn't fit to operate.

However, the Justice League had no problem allowing the Titans to reform under their jurisdiction when they were responsible for the Source Wall breaking in Dark Nights: Metal. The broken Source Wall began to leak energies that infected unsuspecting humans, leading to some disastrous results. Thus, the Justice League tasked the Titans with investigating these emergent events.

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The Trinity members of the Justice League (Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman) have also been busy forming a superhuman crisis center called Sanctuary, with two former Titans checking themselves in to seek help. Unfortunately, the first issue of Heroes in Crisis opened with a murder mystery on the grounds of Sanctuary, and Arsenal and The Flash (Wally West) were among the casualties. If that wasn't bad enough, Nightwing -- the leader of the Titans -- has also suffered a life-threatening injury. Just as the team begins to process these devastating losses, another unexpected death looms over everything.

A Day Of Mourning

Titans #27 opens with Donna Troy visiting the grave of Roy Harper, who was one of her closest friends. Roy's funeral took place in Green Arrow #45, but Donna looks to have chosen a quieter moment to come pay her last respects. One may wonder why she chose to go alone, but the only member of the current Titans who fought alongside Arsenal was Nightwing, and he's not available at the moment following his injury in Batman #55 and memory loss in Nightwing #50.

Each Titan takes processes the news in their own unique way. Donna chooses to drink her sorrows away; Raven has lost her soul-self in Titans #24, leaving her a soulless being unable to feel anything; Steel spends her time working too hard in the lab; and Beast Boy has thrown his last hope into saving Tyler Baines, the first emergent they met. He's been in a coma ever since facing the Titans, and the Source Wall energy is killing him from the inside. Everyone is so focused on themselves that they've neglected to think how the weight of being the Justice League liaison and Nightwing's replacement as the leader is affecting Miss Martian.

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Nightwing and Miss Martian used to butt heads when it came to who was the decision maker on the Titans, but the two put aside their differences on the team's last mission. Now, with Nightwing taken away from the Titans, Miss Martian once again feels like an outsider. Things get even worse when the Titans attempt to expose Tyler to a high-dose of Source Wall energy in order to save his life. Beast Boy pushes for it the hardest and finally wins over Miss Martian, who allows them to go ahead with the experiment. In the end it's all for naught, as Tyler ends up passing away.

Heroes in Crisis already has a traumatic impact on the Titans, and that's before you realize the heroes aren't aware of Wally West's death. Roy and Wally are dead, and Dick Grayson has given up the superhero life to become a taxi driver named Ric. If you think things aren't bad enough, they get even worse with the "Drowned Earth" crossover in Justice League and Aquaman.

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