Birds of a Different Feather: The History of Titans' Hawk and Dove

Hawk and Dove - Forgotten Heroes (Again)

So Hawk and Dove continued as supporting characters in the DC Universe, but it seems as though they are almost inherently designed to fade into the background, as that's precisely what happened to them after the new team was introduced. It even seemed like they had been killed off again in a Titans East Special where Trigon wiped out a new team of Titans, but they survived somehow.

Things did not go as well when the Blackest Night came around. The crossover event saw Black Lantern Rings come to Earth and revive dead DC superheroes and villains. However, a protective white light kept Don Hall from being resurrected. Hank Hall, though, was brought back to life as a Black Lantern. In Blackest Night: Teen Titans #1, the Black Lantern Hank Hall Hawk tears out the heart of Holly Granger Hawk...

Holly then becomes a Black Lantern, as well. At the end of the event, however, a group of superheroes and villains are resurrected by the white light of the White Lantern ring. Among the resurrected heroes was Hank Hall!

The resurrected Hank goes back into partnership with Dawn. They then join a newly reformed Birds of Prey, with Hank being a rare male member of the Birds of Prey...

Then the New 52 happened, and Hawk and Dove were one of the few characters who basically continued their plots from the previous continuity, as Dawn had just entered a romantic relationship with Deadman and that carried over into the New 52. Hank and Dawn got another new series in the New 52, as Sterling Gates and Rob Liefeld were the creative team on a short-live Hawk and Dove series...

The book was one of the first books of the New 52 to be canceled, not even reaching double digits. Since the cancellation of their last series, Hawk and Dove have been where they have been for most of their comic book career, just sort of hanging around in the background. They played a role in Titans Hunt.

Hopefully they'll play a bigger role on the Titans TV series!

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