When the Comics Code Wouldn't Let Donna Troy Enjoy Her Roy Harper Hook-Up

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The Comics Code wouldn't allow Donna Troy to verbalize how much she enjoyed her hook-up with Roy Harper during Devin Grayson's Titans run.



Way back in the early days of the Teen Titans, Speedy (Roy Harper) would flirt with Wonder Girl (Donna Troy) all the time...

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Later, they even dated during the brief Teen Titans revival in the mid-to-late 1970s...

However, fast forward to the 1999 Titans series by Devin Grayson, Mark Buckingham and Wade Von Grawbadger and both characters had gone through a whole lot, with Donna then going by the name Troia and Roy going by the name Arsenal. Roy had a child with the supervillain, Cheshire, and Donna had gotten married, had a kid, got a divorce and then lost both her ex-husband and her son to a tragic accident AND had her entire history wiped away, only to be rebuilt by Wally West's memories of her. So when the Titans began, Donna was in a weird, weird place and Roy was there for her...

But he made it clear he wanted to be a lot closer than just "there for her"...

Like, a LOT closer...

They finally hooked up in Titans #9 (guest-pencils by Ale Garza and Caleb Salstrom), before being interrupted by their former Titans teammate, Raven...

However, in an interview with the Titans Talk APA (which my buddy, Bill Walko, was kind enough to transcribe on his amazing Titans Tower website), Grayson was asked about the complications that come with writing a book like the Titans and after she explained the tricky aspect of dealing with three characters who either had their own titles at the time (Nightwing and Flash) or were major characters in another series (Tempest), she got into the problems she has had with the Comics Code and one of the areas where she had an issue was shocking...

And beyond that, you have things like The Comics Code to worry about -they’re probably my biggest headache these days. I heard tale of a fan complaining about Nightwing/Huntress because we didn’t show condoms on the bed stand, and I laughed so hard I almost cried. If you notice, we weren’t even allowed to have the characters in bed together, and although I’m all for promoting safe sex and would have LOVED to show that, there’s not a snowball’s chance in HELL that the code would let us get away with actually showing a package of condoms. Just yesterday I had to rewrite a scene because I’d been naive enough to let one of the female Titans express some pleasure – the line “…that feels good…” was unacceptable. Can you believe that? It’s okay to show the female characters running around with butt floss and giant breasts popping out of their costumes, but god forbid she feel any sexual pleasure…! So, yes, there are lots of things I wanted to do that I haven’t been able to, and, conversely, several things I’ve been told to do that I wish I could avoid- but that’s how the industry works, and if you want to do this kind of work, you have to make those kind of sacrifices.


The Roy/Donna relationship eventually petered out once Donna got past her little identity crisis (luckily, there were no flamethrowers involved).

Thanks to Devin Grayson and Titan Talk (and Bill Walko) for the information!


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