A New Deathstroke Is Coming to Titans, Along with Jericho

Fans of the professional mercenary Deathstroke and his son, Jericho, will be pleased to hear that the duo will be coming to DC Universe's upcoming live-action series Titans. The news was revealed today at New York Comic Con by one of the show's executive producers, Geoff Johns.

While Johns confirmed that Deathstroke will be showing up in Titans given enough time, he did make the curious addendum that the series' Deathstroke might not be one fans are familiar with.

“You’ll see Deathstroke in Titans eventually, but it’ll be a new version,” said Johns. “You’ll definitely see it in the show.”

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What exactly this means is anyone's guess, but any changes made to the character could be meant to differentiate him from his various live-action incarnations in both the Arrowverse and the DC Extended Universe.

Deathstroke was a fixture on The CW's Arrow for some time, where he was played by Manu Bennett. The character was also featured in an after-credits stinger for the film Justice League, where he was played by Joe Manganiello. Manganiello is rumored to be reprising that role for Matt Reeves' upcoming Batman solo movie.

Deathstroke's son, Joe Wilson, otherwise known as Jericho, has far less live-action representation. The character was played by Liam Hall on Arrow, but only appeared for a brief time. At the DC Universe panel, DC Co-Publisher Jim Lee revealed that Jericho will likely be making his way into the show, too.

“Last night at dinner, Geoff and I were talking about Jericho,” said Lee. “So yes, definitely.”

One interesting thing to note about Jericho is that his live-action adaptations have yet to delve into the character's metahuman powers. While the character is a deadly warrior and tactician like his father, certain versions of the character also have the power to control the minds of others. This could be one interesting way to differentiate the duo's father and son relationship and would feel right at home in a series starring a shapeshifter, demon hybrid and space princess.

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There's no telling what form Deathstroke and Jericho will take in DC Universe's Titans series, but, if the trailers for the series are any indication, there will likely be ample cussing and lots of blood when they show up.

Debuting Friday, Oct. 12, on the DC Universe streaming service, Titans stars Brenton Thwaites as Robin, Anna Diop as Starfire, Teagan Croft as Raven, Ryan Potter as Beast Boy, Alan Ritchson as Hawk, Minka Kelly as Dove, and Lindsey Gort as Amy Rohrbach.

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