10 Titans Members You Completely Forgot Existed

Since their debut in the '60s, the Titans have become one of DC's most recognized superhero teams of all time. Rather than make another group of iconic superheroes, Titans stood out by focusing on the various side-kicks of big-name heroes, like Robin, Kid Flash, and Wondergirl, as well as young age heroes, like Starfire and Raven.

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However, just like the Justice League, there have been so many members that it can be challenging to keep track of them all. With that said, we'll be taking a look at ten members that everyone forgot were a part of the Titans, as well as the Teen Titans.

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10 Jason Todd

Most people know that Dick Grayson was one of the founding members of the Teen Titans. However, most forget that Jason Todd, the second Robin, had a brief run as a member of the Teen Titans, too. Initially, Todd was created as a replacement for Dick Greyson, since he was busy leading the Titans and later becoming Nightwing.

Jason was very similar to Robin in the old days, the boy scout who always listened to Batman. During a run in the '80s, Jason briefly served as a member of the group. However, that ended when Crisis on Infinite Earths came and changed everything. Jason was no longer a member of the Titans and was later "killed" in the Death of the Family storyline.

9 Protector

Protector Teen Titans DC Comics

The Protector is someone who has only appeared in one Titans comic, a two-part drug awareness special. The book saw The Protector working with the Titans as they went to take down some bad guys who were selling drugs to innocent children. The reason why he was included is odd. Keebler Cookie sponsored the book and Robin, at the time, was licensed by Nabisco. Robin was initially drawn for the comic but was whited out and replaced by The Protector. He hadn't been seen since, until a recent issue in Heroes in Crisis, before being killed shortly after.

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8 Shazam Jr.

Shazam Jr. was first introduced in Whiz Comics in 1941, before having his origin changed in the New 52, which was used in the Shazam movie. Shazam Jr. is better known as the foster brother of Billy Batson (Shazam), Freddie Freeman. He's disabled in one leg but has the use of both of them whenever he's Shazam Jr.

While he's generally with the Shazam family, Jr. joined up with the Titans for a bit. Freddie first joined in 1995, under the name CM3, until the book was canceled in 1998. He would later be a member of Titans again in the early 2000s, during the Titans Tomorrow storyline.

7 Duela Dent

Duela Dent, aka Joker's Daughter, is an oddball. Initially introduced in the 1970s, she claimed to be the daughter of the Joker, then later revealed that she was actually Two-Face's daughter. However, just like the clown prince of crime, she's continuously changed up her origin. She has since claimed to be the child of numerous Batman villains over the years.

Despite this, Robin let her be a member of the Titans and later changed her name to Harlequin (Not to be confused with Harley Quin). After that run was canceled, she then went back to her old ways, turning to a life of crime under the name "Card Queen." Over the years, her alliances have shifted, going from good guy one minute, to villain the next.

6 The Atom

If you've been watching any of the current DC shows on the CW, you're probably familiar with Ray Palmer, aka The Atom. This superhero can shrink his size down to microscopic levels, thanks to the power of the suit he created. However, during the event comic, Zero Year, Ray Palmer is hit with a blast of chrono-energy that de-aged him into a youth again. The tradeoff was that he no longer needed to use his suit to shrink down to microscopic size, and he could now increase in size.

During this time, Ray became a member of the Teen Titans, aiding as a leader during field missions. However, the effect wore off, and Ray eventually went back to being an adult. And went back to being a member of the Justice League instead.

5 Zachary Zatara

Created in 2006 by Geoff Johns and Tony Daniels, this younger cousin of Zatanna had a pretty brief run with the Titans. After Zachary Zatara was invited into the fold, he had a few adventures with the Teen Titans, including a battle with Kid Crusader. He also nearly got eaten by the Phantasm.

Unfortunately, due to his problems with one of his female teammates that made it difficult for him to use his powers, Zatara left the team. He has aided them once in a while, but the character hasn't been seen since 2010. Guess he used his power of disappearance to disappear out of the DC Universe.

4 Bunker

Bunker Teen Titans

Bunker was introduced as a new superhero to help usher in the New 52's Teen Titans. He was a gay Mexican boy created by Scott Lobdell and Brett Booth. The two wanted to show "an interesting character whose homosexuality is part of him, not something that’s hidden," according to Booth.

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Similar to Green Lantern, Bunker can create energy constructs he can use with his hands. The only difference is that he doesn't need a ring to use them. Despite positive praise given to the portrayal of the character's sexuality, Bunker hasn't been seen much after the New 52 Titans ended. He recently made an appearance in Red Hood and the Outlaws, where he was rescued by the titular hero.

3 Pantha


Pantha was a member of the Titans, introduced in the Dark Age of comics. Despite being a half-human/half-panther hybrid, she was more of the lone wolf in this version of the Titans. Her origin was never given, and she later dropped out of the team to raise Baby Wildebeest, with the aid of Red Star. Pantha was then killed by Superboy-Prime in the final issues of Infinite Crisis, before being briefly revived as a Zombie in Blackest Night. Aside from an alternate version seen in the Teen Titans TV series, the character has since remained dead.

2 Power Boy

There have been a lot of characters named Power Boy, but it's the third version of this character that was a member of the Titans. After appearing in year-long series 52 (not to be confused with the New 52), Power boy became a member of the Teen Titans during the "One Year Later" event. He even dated Supergirl, who later dumped him after he became a controlling boyfriend.

Alas, he would then end up dying by a group of assassins, who were later revealed to be the Sons of Trigun. Much like his ex, Power Boy had the same powers as Supergirl. But he could also teleport with the power of the Father Box.

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1 The Team Titans

What is worse than a character you forgot about? How about a group of characters you've forgotten about. No one remembers any members of the Team Titans. Introduced in the '90s, this group of characters included a doubleganger of Terra, a bird girl name Redwing, a Vampire named Nightrider, an electric man named Killowat, a technomancer named Preston Jon, and some gun-wielding guy name Battalion.

All these characters reeked of the era. They were extreme, dark, and from an alternate future where something terrible happens. You know, all the cliches. Perceived initially as something of a parody of the trend going on during the '90s, DC wanted Team Titans to be their version of Marvel's X-Force. But the series only ran for 30 issues before being canceled, and a majority of the characters were erased from existence thanks to the events of Zero Hour.

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