Titans Together: 20 Of The Most Memorable Titans Couples, Ranked

Ah, young love. It can affect just about everyone, even superheroes. That most certainly includes the Titans, DC's premiere team of teen and young adult heroes. When the team made its official debut in the mid-'60s, they only had one female member. And you can bet that just about every young man the team encountered fell head over heels for her on sight. Nothing much came of these one-sided crushes. It really wasn't until the team began to expand in the late '60s and early '70s that romance blossomed within the ranks, and that's when problems began to arise. The Teen Titans are composed of ordinary if superpowerful young adults who can save whole cities with relative ease. But dating can be much harder than taking down world conquerors, even when your partner is a fellow hero and you don't have to worry about them discovering your secret identity or getting captured for leverage.

The inter-Titan dating scene is as diverse and exciting as the team itself. These relationships don't always end well -- actually, they usually don't end well -- but a rare few have stood the test of time. You'll find those towards the top of this list.  But first, we're going to start with some of the worst before working our way up to the best, or at least the most interesting. We will take you through twenty titanic relationships in all. Each of them is worth remembering, either as a model romance... or as an example of what not to do in a relationship!

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As mentioned elsewhere in this list, Nightwing has had a long-term relationship with Starfire. Most of the Titans are very supportive of their romance.  One notable exception is Mirage. Hailing from an unpleasant alternate future, Mirage travels back in time to prevent her future from coming to pass. Along the way, she falls in love with Nightwing.

Realizing that Nightwing would never leave Starfire for her, Mirage concocts a truly despicable plan. She uses her shapeshifting abilities to make herself look like Starfire and seduces Nightwing while in that form. When Mirage reveals the truth, she mocks him for not being able to tell she wasn't the real Starfire.


Not long after her 2004 resurrection, Supergirl fell under Darkseid's influence and was briefly held prisoner on Apokolips. There, she caught the attention of Power Boy, one of Darkseid's many minions.  Power Boy, unbeknownst to Supergirl, stalked her back to Earth.  Not a great start to a relationship.

After they both join the Titans, Power Boy successfully begins a relationship with his dream super-girl. But soon, his bad side emerges. He knocks her unconscious and slaps power dampeners on her, all in the name of helping her "be a better person."  Supergirl smartly breaks off the relationship after that. Frankly, Power Boy is lucky she doesn't break him.


Risk and Prysm are both half alien, but only Prysm looks it. As such, when Prysm developed a crush on her human-passing teammate, Risk didn't pay much attention. It wasn't until Prysm became fully human that Risk showed any romantic interest in her. Nice.

Their relationship probably wouldn't have lasted anyway, but its end was hastened when Prysm reverted to her alien form and decided to go live in space, where she'd feel like less of an outcast. To his credit, Risk did tell her he loved her just before she left. Still, given that Prysm was on her way out of his life, presumably forever, this gesture seems a bit empty.


After Superboy heroically sacrificed himself in Infinite Crisis, his friends and girlfriend were heartbroken. While most of the Titans found respectful ways to express their grief, Robin and Wonder Girl went their own way.

First, Robin tried to clone Superboy. Seems reasonable. But when he failed, he got so frustrated with his lack of progress that he smashed the glass tube containing his Superboy-in-progress. Wonder Girl, Superboy's girlfriend, comforts him. One thing leads to another, and next thing we know, Robin and Wonder Girl are making out in the remains of the failed clone. Surely that's what Superboy would have wanted.


Kid Devil always had issues with self-confidence and feeling like he didn't measure up to other heroes. When he joined the Titans, though, he managed to make a friend in Ravager, a volatile but well-meaning new hero. Unfortunately, Kid Devil, or Red Devil as he is now known, allowed jealousy to mar their relationship.

When Blue Beetle joined the team, he too became friends with Ravager. Kid Devil, apparently not wanting the object of his affections to have contact with anyone but him, took an instant disliking to Beetle. The two boys patched things up eventually, but whatever might have been between Ravager and Kid Devil was cut short by his demise.


The real Titans are heroes, willing to lay down their lives to protect innocents. But for a brief time, Deathstroke the Terminator led his own group called the Titans. As his name implies, Deathstroke isn't so big on things like "morality" and "decency," and he turned the team into a bunch of villains for hire.

Among his recruits were the assassin Cheshire and the ex-Titan Arsenal, who had slipped into supervillainy after the passing of his and Cheshire's daughter. Arsenal and Cheshire briefly rekindled their relationship during this period -- it didn't go real well. An extension cord was involved.


When Raven first arrived on Earth, the Titans no longer existed. She went to each of the team's former members, begging them to get the gang back together to help her prevent her demonic father from invading. Kid Flash, who had fallen in love with Raven, advocated for her, and the Titans soon agreed to reform.

But it was all a sham. Raven had made Kid Flash fall in love with her so that he would agree to join her cause. Kid Flash and the other Titans were understandably upset and temporarily abandoned Raven. Even after the initial shock and anger faded, Kid Flash had trouble forgiving her.


Captain Marvel Jr Freddy Freeman (2)

Captain Marvel Jr. generally does his heroing in the company of his fellow Marvels. But for a short period of time, he was a Titan. And within that short period of time, he dated his fellow Titan, Argent, who can create silver energy constructs. She was also responsible for officially recruiting Captain Marvel Jr. in the first place.

CM3 got stars in his eyes the minute he met Argent, but it took him a while to convince her that they'd be good together. As it turned out, he was wrong about that. Cap and Argent went on exactly one date before calling it quits.


Jericho was quite the ladies' man back in the day. And hey, what's not to like? He's cute, artistic, sympathetic and can possess the bodies of his enemies just by making eye contact. So it's not surprising that he caught the attention of the crystal spinner Kole Weathers, who joined the Titans after stopping her father from turning everyone into bug hybrids.

The attraction was mutual, and Kole and Jericho dated for a while. They might still be together today if Kole hadn't died in the line of duty in Crisis on Infinite Earths. Then again, maybe it's a good thing Kole didn't see the number of times Jericho went evil in the years after her demise...


joker's daughter new 52

Everyone loves a good Romeo and Juliet story, right? Well, that's what we got when the Joker's Daughter and Talon fell in love in a parallel universe called Earth-3. Here, all of the characters' moral alignments were swapped. In other words, the Joker's Daughter was one of the good guys, while Talon, sidekick to an evil version of Batman, was a villain.

To escape their disapproving elders, the young couple came to the main DC universe and joined the Teen Titans. Sadly, like Romeo and Juliet, their romance didn't last. At some point, Talon mysteriously vanished and hasn't turned up again. Joker's Daughter was taken out by a Monitor in Countdown to Final Crisis.


This is definitely one of the weirder couples on the list, and we've had some doozies. Pantha is a human/cat hybrid with no memory of her pre-hero life. Red Star was the Soviet Union's first and greatest superhero. And yet, despite their fiercely independent and even abrasive personalities, these two managed to set up a very happy and stable home life for themselves.

They even adopted a child-type thing together: Baby Wildebeest, an actual baby wildebeest who'd been genetically altered to hulk out when threatened. Pantha and Baby were both ended by Superboy-Prime in Infinite Crisis. It's a shame, because we'd watch an entire TV show about these three.


Donna Troy's most famous relationship is with a civilian, Terry Long, who she married, had a son with, and divorced. Kyle Rayner's most famous relationship is with Alex DeWitt, whose gratuitous murder led to the creation of the phrase "women in refrigerators". Both Donna and Kyle were still reeling from their respective tragedies when they met and embarked on a short-lived romance.

Meanwhile, Green Lantern joined the Titans just in time for them to break up. Even after the end of their team and their relationship, Green Lantern and Donna Troy remained good friends. This ex-couple's lowest and most hilarious point came in Countdown, where an evil Mary Marvel used Green Lantern as a blunt instrument with which to beat Donna unconscious.


This couple ranks so highly not because they are a paragon of healthy, happy relationships -- they are about as far from that as is possible -- but because they are so interesting. Beast Boy, known as Changeling at the time, quickly fell in love with his new earth-controlling teammate Terra. She seemed to feel the same, but all was not as it appeared.

Terra was famously faking everything. Her heroic aspirations, her friendship with the Titans and her romantic feelings for Beast Boy were all a ploy to get close enough to the team to destroy them. This revelation and Terra's subsequent demise left Beast Boy devastated.


Wonder Girl and Speedy

When the Titans made their first official appearance in Teen Titans #1, the team consisted of Robin, Kid Flash, Aqualad and Wonder Girl. Speedy, Green Arrow's sidekick, hung out with them occasionally but was only later retconned to be an official Titan. Regardless of Speedy's status, he most definitely had it bad for Wonder Girl, and she in turn fell hard for him.

As depicted in Teen Titans: Year One, their relationship had its high points but didn't last. Speedy was too immature and had too much self-doubt to make a relationship work. He and Wonder Girl have had much more success as friends.


During the '60s, particularly in Batman comics, several new female characters decided to become heroes for the sole purpose of impressing a male hero they loved.  It would be easy to lump Tula into that category, since she became Aquagirl primarily to get Aqualad's attention. But unlike many of her love-struck contemporaries, Tula not only lasted as a hero, she also managed to capture her crush's heart.

Aqualad and Aquagirl are sort of an obvious pairing, given their similar names and origins.  Still, there's no denying that they worked. They stayed together for years, fighting crime on land and by sea, until Tula was taken out in Crisis on Infinite Earths.


This couple gained a lot of traction thanks in part to the 2003 Teen Titans cartoon. Fans loved the interactions between the gloomy, serious Raven and the happy-go-lucky Beast Boy. It helps that the characters hold real affection for each other, no matter how much they tease or get on each other's nerves.

Despite much fan enthusiasm for this pairing, they have spent very little time as a couple in the comics. They tried dating once before Raven decided it wouldn't work out and broke things off. But if there's one thing we've learned from comics, it's that nothing stays dead forever. Maybe someday...


An odd couple if ever there was one, Gnarrk is a caveman who survived frozen in ice thanks to a chunk of magic meteor stuck in his chest, while Lilith is a telepath. Their romance has been retconned dramatically over the years.  In the post-Crisis on Infinite Earths version, Gnarrk sensed that scientists were about to disturb his resting place and mentally reached out to Lilith for help.

Lilith got the Titans to save Gnarrk from dissection, but even as their relationship began, the end drew near. Gnarrk was dying, and he spent much of the rest of his life in a coma, talking with Lilith telepathically. They remained close until he finally passed away.


Mal Duncan didn't feel like he fit in with the Titans at first. Unlike his teammates, he had no costume or special powers. His future girlfriend, Karen Beecher, would not stand for that. She built the Gabriel Horn, allowing Mal to create wormholes and cross dimensions. Karen then created a costume for herself and joined the Titans as Bumblebee.

Bumblebee and the newly-dubbed Herald remained with the Titans for a while. When they retired, they got married and enjoyed the civilian life. They sadly separated after an accident that left Herald gravely injured and Bumblebee less than a foot tall.


Cassie Sandsmark became Wonder Girl after Donna Troy grew out of the name. Cassie was very much her own person, but she followed in her predecessor's footsteps by becoming a critical member of the Titans. Also like her predecessor, Cassie fell in love with one of her teammates: Superboy, a cocky Superman clone.

After a little time, Superboy came to reciprocate Wonder Girl's feelings. But their relationship, like so many featured in this list, wasn't destined to last. The young couple shared one night of desperate passion before Superboy was forced to give his life to save the world. It was a touching if tragically brief romance.


Starfire and Nightwing

When Starfire first arrived on Earth, she planted a great big kiss on a startled Robin. Granted, she only did it to learn English, but this proved to be the first of many kisses for the seemingly mismatched duo. Starfire's freespiritedness and endless love for everyone was the perfect counter to Robin's -- later Nightwing's -- level-headed skepticism.

Nightwing and Starfire are two of the Titans' core members; if a Titans team doesn't have at least one of them on it, that team probably didn't last long. They almost married once, though the ceremony ended in disaster. But they have remained together anyway, either as friends or as lovers, which makes them the most legendary Titans couple of all.

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