Titans: New Look at Rose Wilson's Ravager Revealed By BTS Photo


A new behind-the-scenes photo from the second season of DC Universe's Titans offers a close-up of Chelsea T. Zhang as Rose Wilson, aka Ravager.

The photo -- which was posted to the r/TitansTV subreddit by Reddit user kukukrazy -- shows Zhang in what appears to be an early costume for her character. She is seen with Rose's trademark white hair, multiple lacerations on her face and, perhaps most notably, a makeshift eye patch -- which covers Rose's missing left eye, as well as mirrors the assassin Slade Wilson/Deathstroke, her father.

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In the DC comic books, Rose Wilson -- the illegitimate daughter of Slade -- became the fourth person to assume the Ravager mantle, succeeding Grant Wilson, Bill Walsh and Wade LaFarge. Ravager gouges out her own eye to prove her loyalty to Deathstroke, who brainwashes her into becoming his apprentice. She eventually pushes back against her father's regime and allies herself with the Teen Titans.

Zhang was revealed to have boarded Titans as Rose Wilson this past March, making her the second person to play Ravager in live-action, following Summer Glau -- who played a version of the character named Isabel Rochev on The CW's Arrow. A video from the Titans set offered a first look at Zhang as Rose, albeit a far-off one. Fans also caught a glimpse of her in action in the series' recently-released Season 2 trailer.

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Now streaming on DC Universe, Titans stars Brenton Thwaites as Dick Grayson, Anna Diop as Kory Anders, Teagan Croft as Rachel Roth and Ryan Potter as Garfield Logan, with Rachel Nichols as Angela, Seamus Dever as Trigon, Minka Kelly as Dawn Granger, Alan Ritchson as Hank Hall, Curran Walters as Jason Todd and Joshua Orpin as Superboy. Season 2 arrives Sept. 6.

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