Titans: There's No Need to Panic About Ryan Potter's Beast Boy

Earlier this week, watchful fans of the upcoming Titans series managed to snap pictures of the cast while they were in the process of filming. While we've seen Brendon Thwaites as Robin in a photo previously, we've yet to be privvy to see how Anna Diop's Starfire, Teagan Croft's Raven, or Ryan Potter's Beast Boy would look in the live action show. To the surprise of many, while Potter and Diop were dressed like their characters to some degree or another, neither truly looked like them.

As in, neither featured orange (Starfire) or green (Beast Boy) skin via makeup in the way that Zoe Saldana or Dave Bautista respectively do as Gamora and Drax in Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy films. It's very likely that both of them, if they weren't headed out to do makeup or were taking a break from filming, will have their skin colored via CG rather than makeup. Starfire was always something of a given to have CG involved in creating her appearance; after all, the ends of her hair literally burns like fire.

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Beast Boy has always been defined by his green skin, but he also features some rather animalistic physical traits beyond the traditional pointy ears, which he believes girls "dig." Recent versions of the character have done something a little extra to signify he's both animal and human. The Young Justice version of the character gave him a monkey tail, for example, while the Rebirth version of the character has shaggy hair, claws and fangs. While it would be too much to hope for a tail, he'll more than likely have fangs or claws to show that he's as animal as he is human. These will require some level of CG or prosthetic work to be done, indicating that despite his hair being dyed a chartreuse green, these photos aren't necessarily showing off the character's final on-screen appearance.

Look -- we all saw the social media reaction to Supergirl's take on Brainiac 5 before he showed up on the series earlier this year. You'd be hard pressed to find anyone who didn't have some jape to make about the character's paint job or his wig, and since both Supergirl and Titans share a showrunner in Greg Berlanti, and he and Geoff Johns saw the jokes being hurled Brainy's way, it's a pretty good bet that they'll want to avoid a similar dragging with regard to the Titans cast. After all, this is one of the shows being touted as a main incentive to purchase DC's upcoming streaming service.

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There's also the likelihood that Potter probably doesn't want to be in green makeup for multiple hours a day unless absolutely necessary. Colored makeup has proven to be the nemesis of a few superhero actors, after all.

The true hurdle Titans will have to face is audience reaction to actual footage as opposed to unstated set photos. These may not paint the best picture, but they're not something we were meant to see. The inevitable footage debut at Comic-Con or some other point later in the year will be what determines whether this show is worth watching or another tragedy for the Titans.

And deep down, we all know the only thing that'll really make or break Potter's Beast Boy is if he'll tell bad jokes and be a vegetarian.

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