Titans #21

Story by
Art by
Angel Unzueta, Wayne Faucher, Chris Batista
Colors by
Letters by
Travis Lanham
Cover by
DC Comics

You know the old saying, "If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it's probably a duck," right? To paraphrase that for this issue of "Titans" if it looks like a fill-in issue, and reads like a fill-in issue, it probably is a fill-in issue. Set with the task of telling a story that takes nothing anywhere, J.T. Krul delivers that story the very best way he can. He gives each of the remaining members of the Titans a little bit of spotlight. It's just enough spotlight to tell us who they are, but not why they are nor where they are going.

Krul doesn't fail to deliver a good story here, he's never really given the opportunity, as any significant details would spill the full results of "Cry for Justice." The end result is a story where we continue to watch the Titans fall apart in mega-slow motion. The past several months of this title feel like an approximation of having a sliver of the Flash's speed. I can see the storylines playing out, but it's taking months to get there. This issue is filled with Donna's lament over Roy's loss, Cyborg's navel-gazing as he sees the Titans disintegrating, and Starfire wrestling with the decision to stay with the Titans or move to the JLA.

Unzueta delivers the art same as he has the past few months: the cover is a fabulous image, but the interiors range from very good to shrugworthy. The pages with the Flash on it are the best of the issue. The rest of Unzueta's part of the issue ranges between trying to deliver unnecessary and ill-considered cheesecake to establishing the character guides for Cyborg, whom Unzueta manages to draw from every possible angle in this issue. I give Unzueta props for staying with this title that hasn't offered much in recent months. Maybe the best is yet to come. Unzueta gets an assist this issue from Chris Batista who draws the sequence between Starfire and Batman, which are easily the best looking pages of this book.

This issue is little more than a detour between "Justice League: Cry for Justice" and J.T. Krul's upcoming "Rise of Arsenal" and "Fall of Green Arrow" stories. This issue does, however, set up a scrum in the next between the Titan remnants and one of their oldest foes. I'm hoping for a little more from Krul and crew in that issue.

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