Titans #13

Story by
Art by
Angel Unzueta, Wayne Faucher
Colors by
Edgar Delgado, HiFi
Letters by
Steve Wands
Cover by
DC Comics

This book came darn close to being a comic I just flat out didn't finish. You know how some people walk out of movies? I almost walked out this comic. From the word go, this was bad. Jericho enters a hotel threatening to blow the place up if he takes his thumb off the trigger. On page two, the device is nowhere to be seen, so obviously his thumb is off the trigger, yet the hotel does not blow up. What's more, at this point captions are confused between Joey and his victim, which the world gets to witness over a newscast broadcasting footage of Jericho's threats via a cell phone video feed, wherein not only does Jericho make his threats known, but he murders someone. On air.

Sure, comics demand some suspension of disbelief, but my $3 demands some compensation of quality. That brings me to the art. Angel Unzueta can be better than this, at least I think so, but here the pages are soaked with clones. All of the females -- Donna Troy, Starfire, Ravager, Wonder Girl and Aquagirl -- all have the same face and build. Through the grace of costumes alone was I able to distinguish these characters.

The action of the story is muddled and hastily provided. Honestly, this whole "Deathtrap" storyline seems muddled and hastily provided. It is as though creativity were given a vacation prior to this story. Where some other events in recent memory have failed, this one forgot to show up.

Beyond that, the characters here are painfully misrepresented. Blue Beetle cannot manifest his powers -- at least not that was ever made known in his title -- as a platform for riders, Flash alone would be able to take down Jericho and Donna has led teams before and Beast Boy, given proximity to Jericho and fueled with a righteous rage (at least he was a few pages prior) does nothing except talk at Jericho.

I am beside myself that the Titans corner of the DCU has deteriorated to this storyline. It makes "Titans Hunt" look like "Judas Contract" by comparison and makes "Judas Contract" look untouchable and unmatchable. I've covered the first four parts of "Deathtrap" through the three titles it has touched, hoping against hope that the story would get better. It hasn't and I don't see it happening any time too soon. Do yourself a favor and avoid this title at all costs. If you're compelled to spend money on something Titans-related this week, ask your comic shop retailer to guide you to the back issue bins or copies of "Teen Titans Go!" The Titans deserve better than this, I just hope DC can figure it out.

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