'Titanfall' TV Series in Development, Single Player Campaign in the Works


"Titanfall," the first-person combat game from the studio who developed "Call of Duty," is gearing up for the game's sequel. News broke today that a television series based on the game is also in the works.

Forbes spoke with "Titanfall" writer Jesse Stern, who promised the game would be crossing over onto more consoles and that a single-player campaign would be available in "Titanfall 2." Stern also hinted at the development of a television series, in partnership with Lionsgate.

Considering "Titanfall" takes place in world of futuristic technology and larger-than-life robots, according the Stern, the greatest challenge in bringing "Titanfall" to life would be the cost. "It would be very expensive. We are trying to find a way to tell a story in the worlds we want to be in and produce in the TV model."

While no official release date for "Titanfall 2" has been released, the studio behind the game, Respawn, promises the game will still blend science and magic, in a world that is "grounded, dirty, human and real."

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