Titan dusts off Claremont and Bolton's 'Marada the She-Wolf'

There's more to Chris Claremont than the X-Men. You just have to look.

And it appears Titan is doing just that, as the U.K. publisher has announced it's collecting Claremont and John Bolton's long out-of-print sword-and-sorcery comic Marada the She-Wolf.

Originally published in Marvel's mid-1980s creator-owned outlet Epic Illustrated, the story follows a Roman-era warrior named Marada who's destined to "hold the fate of the worlds in her hands." Written as the granddaughter of the great Julius Caesar, Claremont and Bolton tied it intricately into the Roman era with an extra touch of magic and mythology.

Just as the character has an interesting lineage, so does the concept: Marada the She-Wolf was originally intended for Red Sonja, then a licensed character in Marvel's popular Conan line, but after some disagreements with the licensors, the story was mothballed before Claremont finally was able to convince Marvel to let him and Bolton re-work it as their own stand-alone tale. Some of the characters, such as Simyon Karashnur, are thinly veiled versions of Conan/Red Sonja characters like Kulan Gath, but the story stands on its own without any Hyborian backstory.

This new hardcover collection from Titan, due out in November, follows on the heels of the publisher reprinting a later Claremont/Bolton collaboration that was also lost for a time to the back-issue bin, The Black Dragon.

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