Tiny Batman and Superman duke it out at NBA game

If the record-breaking box office and, let's say, spirited online debate can't convince you to invest two and a half hours of your life in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, maybe this condensed version of the blockbuster will. It has all the action and brutality of the Zack Snyder film condensed into one and a half minutes, and a pair of little stars who could give Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill a run for their money.

It's actually, strangely enough, an event staged last week by the Houston Rockets, pitting two pint-sized combatants against each other for the enjoyment of the cheering crowds. It makes you wonder whether Lex Luthor, or perhaps a Roman emperor, doesn't own a stake in the NBA team.

Warning: Perhaps unsurprisingly, this version of Batman v Superman takes a dark turn toward the end, as not even the mascot is safe.

(via Fox Sports)

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