Tintin, Tamara Drewe, Alibi: September 4th Comic Reel


Our coverage of the Tintin films begins with bowler hats? MTV News points to a Spanish language website Estrenos deCine (translation here). That site has a photo of director Steven Spielberg and producer Peter Jackson working with gear while wearing bowler hats. I'm sure there's a perfectly logical reason for it. While Spielberg is directing this film, he and Jackson will switch, um ... hats, for the next Tintin film. The pair plan to co-direct a third film; all of which are animated with the aid of motion capture and other trickery.

Starring Jamie Bell and Andy Serkis, release date: December 23rd, 2011


Empire reports director Stephen Frears of "The Queen" and "High Fidelity" has signed on to direct a film based on the strip/graphic novel by Posy Simmonds. Empire describes the strip as being "about a girl who shakes up her rural home when she returns a beautiful swan having been a bit of an ugly duckling growing up, causing controversy the the country idyll."

Release date: TBA


MTV News talked with Top Cow president Matt Hawkins about the status of the film, based on the comic book by Joshua Hale Fialkov and Jeremy Haun. "We've been looking for writers. I'm actually really excited about it. ... These guys are all A-list, studio-level guys, and I've been reading their samples and talking to some of them about their takes. [We're] just waiting for the take we agree on, and then we're going to get the script written and try and get the movie made," says Hawkins.

Release date: TBA


Zap2it.com reports former "Angel" and "Law & Order" actress Elizabeth Rohm will make a guest appearance on the show as a character named "Lauren Gilmore."

New episodes begin: September 21st, 2009


While discussing the upcoming slate of films about gaming avatars -- or what computer guys used to call "agent programs" back in the 1980s -- LA Times writer Geoff Boucher talks with "Surrogates" director Jonathan Mostow about the film. "We're all essentially addicted to our e-mail, Blackberries, Facebook and Twitter," says Mostow. "I'm not saying technology is evil, believe me, it's great. I'm a major techno addict, I'm a first adopter, I get everything that's new as quick as I can."

Starring Bruce Willis, release date: September 25th, 2009


Our friends at Kryptonsite have the official description of the season nine premiere, "Savior." Naturally there be spoilers here, but the Legion flight ring plays a big role.

New episodes begin: September 25th, 2009


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