Tintin, Smallville, Hellboy, Fantastic Four: February 11th Comic Reel Wrap


Regular scooper Ricardo D. Martins let us know that "Brazilian site Omelete has pointed out a rumor that, besides Steven Spielberg, Roman Polanski is also interested in adapting Tintin to the silver screen. He'd be trying to adapt the album 'Tintin au Tibet.'"


Producer Al Gough sat down with a number of sites, giving each another tidbit about upcoming developments on the hit show. He told Comics Continuum that each season is separated into three "acts," which make sense when viewed as a whole (like, say, on a collected DVD). Likewise, expect Christopher Reeve's Dr. Swann character to return in Season Four (after making an appearance in the later-this-season episode "Legacy"). Gough also told Comicon's Pulse that "There's more of a possibility of Diana [Wonder Woman] showing up in Smallville than Bruce Wayne. I'd like to see an episode or two with her if we could find the right story and actress."


Yahoo! Movies has some production design sketches from the Guillermo del Toro adaptation. Sci Fi Wire also talked to star Ron Perlman, who had some interesting quotes. "I said to [director] Guillermo [del Toro] when we got greenlit finally, 'Under normal circumstances I would be on my hands and knees throwing up right now, because I would be so intimidated,'" Perlman said. "But the screenplay [he] wrote was so delicious I couldn't wait to start playing it. And whatever nervousness there was, whatever anticipation there might have been, was totally trumped by this eagerness to go. These people are incredibly possessive about this particular comic book. The whole world of Mignola, it's a very elite world. [They're saying,] 'We're really excited to see what you've been doing, but if you f--k this up, you'd better watch where you walk.' So there's a reserve. Maybe after the film comes out, if they dig it and they think we held our head up high with regards to adapting the material, it'll be different. But they're very conservative. I dig that, by the way. I like when people are daring you to keep the bar raised high. It makes you take better care in representing the material."


Michael Caine is at it again, talking to 15 Minutes Magazine about the new Chris Nolan Bat-flick. The future Alfred is excited, saying "The film is being done by British director Christopher Nolan who did Memento. That's an incredible choice because instead of playing it safe with a run of the mill, plodding director as they usually do, they've gone for experimental. I think he'll make a great picture." He let leak a tidbit that will get spies buzzing around the world, saying, "The movie will all be shot in England in a huge Zepplin hangar in Hertfordshire, with some days in Chicago which will double for Gotham." Windy City fans take note. In other news, Cinescape reports that their sources allege former Jedi Liam Neeson is either already signed to the film or inches away from it.


IGN Filmforce has a lengthy interview with Marvel's Hollywood honcho Avi Arad. During the course of it, Arad talks about Marvel's first family. "Sitting here right in front of me is the latest draft, and we're going to make this movie, and it's going to be great. And everything that you ever wanted to see in 'The Fantastic Four' -- which is the family dynamics, vis a vis Victor -- it's all here. You wanted to see Alicia and Ben? Why does that make sense? It's here. Every hot button that the fans ... will want to see in this movie, is in there. You want the ancestry? It's there." Arad bonks the reports of Sean Astin already being the director, saying, "Uhhh ... I love Sean, he knows it ... You know, let's put it this way -- it's an open call, and we'll see." Arad insists that it's the best way to go, calling the film a "a big action movie dealing with these characters. They come out of this tragedy, as you know -- these superpowers are public, unlike the X-Men who can hide. And it's not easy. It's not easy for a person to get these supposed-to-be-superpowers, but they are not. It's not only for Ben. Obviously Ben is the monster in the group and the most sensitive, but everybody else -- if a woman like Sue materializes, what does it do to everything else inside her? I don't want to go too deep and give too much away, but what I'm saying to you is we're dealing with the vulnerability on one hand, and then the fun in it." Arad also confirms Victor Von Doom is still the antagonist, "better than ever," and that we'll all see the film in the summer of 2005. He also noted that he's anxious to get "Killraven" on the screen.


Ain't It Cool News has allegedly taken a look at the script for the Vertigo adaptation, which has James Marsden being considered for the role of Jesse Custer. The AICN scooper was not happy, giving up a wide variety of spoilers, but his point can be seen most clearly in this quote: "The problem is that the tone, so carefully modulated between American Gothic/black comedy/action movie in the comic is all over the place. So much so that there are quite a few moments any filmmaker would give their left leg to avoid: the unintentional laugh. When Cassidy is first revealed as a vampire (after 30 pages of clues any mouth-breather could decipher), is comes off as ... well, silly. When the Duke's ghost shows up to give Jesse advice, it's a 'What the f***?' moment instead of the awe-inspiring American Myth from the comic."


Zap2It has a boatload of information about the new animated series featuring the Dark Knight Detective. "Veteran voice actor Rino Romano ('Spider-Man Unlimited,' 'Batman Beyond') will provide the voice of Bruce Wayne. Former TV Batman Adam West will play Gotham's mayor, and Ming-Na ('ER') will voice a detective. Gina Gershon ('Prey for Rock & Roll') will play Catwoman, while fellow baddies Joker and Penguin will be voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson ('Like Family,' 'Static Shock') and Tom Kenny ("SpongeBob SquarePants')." The article also features a technical note worth mentioning for continuity fans: "The Batmobile and other gadgets will also get an update, as the Dark Knight controls his arsenal via a remote control device called the Bat-Wave." Toon Zone has even more cast info, detailing character names for all the actors mentioned, and illustrator Jeff Matsuda reports on his web site that he's "art directing on the new WB series titled 'The Batman.'"


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