Tintin is often knocked out but never motion sick, study finds

Despite suffering a staggering 244 health issues over the course of his nearly five-decade career, Tintin has demonstrated an "almost superhuman" resistance to trauma.

That's the conclusion made by a group of physicians from the Sorbonne University in Paris and the University of Atlanta following a detailed analysis of 23 of the boy reporter's 24 adventures.

In their paper "Tintin's travel traumas: Health issues affecting the intrepid globetrotter," the researchers found that of the 244 health issues Herge's creation experienced between 1930 and 1974, 191 were traumas; 62 percent of those were concussions (that pales in comparison to Asterix).

However, Tintin also suffered his fair share of non-traumatic health issues, including sleep problems, depression and anxiety, and gas or chloroform poisoning. He lost consciousness no fewer than 46 times. That's not the end of his troubles, though; in that same 46-year period, there were 55 attempts on the life of the eternal teen.

And while Tintin seems immune to any kind of travel sicknesses, the physicians concluded he is "easily influenced by his friends and Snowy, his faithful hound."

(via Expatica)

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