Tintin and the $1.3 million luxury sub

Professor Calculus' shark-shaped minisub from The Adventures of Tintin has become a reality -- albeit a pricey one.

The Deep Flight Super Falcon, designed by Graham Hawkes, possesses two sets of wings and two tail fins that allows it to do barrel rolls with dolphins while traveling at speeds of up to 6 knots.

The base price, CNN reports, is $1.3 million. Another model, with open cockpits, is available for $350,000.

Calculus' shark-shaped submarine first appeared in 1943 in The Adventures of Tintin: Red Rackham's Treasure, by Herge. In the story, the eccentric scientist offers the use of his invention so that Tintin and Captain Haddock won't be harassed by sharks while searching for a sunken ship.

Calculus' submersible also plays a role in the 1927 animated film Tintin and the Lake of Sharks and its comic-book adaptation, which Hawkes cites in the CNN article.

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