Tina McGee Debuts In Clip From "Flash's" Midseason Finale

IGN has posted a clip from the "Flash's" upcoming midseason finale that sees a familiar face return to Central City. Amanda Pays guest stars as Tina McGee, a scientist from S.T.A.R. Labs' rival Mercury Labs who has no problem throwing shade at Barry Allen and Harrison Wells.

This is Pays' second time playing McGee. She originally played the character on CBS' 1990 "Flash" series, where she was the female lead alongside John Wesley Shipp's Barry Allen. This isn't the first time that the freshman CW series has paid homage to its predecessor; Shipp plays the father of Barry Allen -- now played by Grant Gustin. The new "Flash" series scored a retro hat trick this week when they announced that Mark Hamill will play the a new version of the Trickster, the character that he played almost 25 years ago.

As shown in the clip, McGee and Allen are not as chummy on the new "Flash" as they were on the original CBS series. The scene depicts Allen and his mentor Harrison Wells discussing a Mercury Labs break-in and some missing tachyons with the guest actress.

The "Flash's" midseason finale episode -- titled "The Man in the Yellow Suit -- airs tonight on the CW.

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