Toad X-Men Movie

Toad's mutation and powers have gone through a lot of changes in the comics, never really settling on one power set. Seriously, did you know that he can shoot fire from his tongue now?! The powers that have been pretty constant throughout his comics career are the toad-like abilities of

enhanced strength in his lower body (allowing for leaping), the ability to cling to surfaces and a prehensile, elongated tongue.

Played by martial artist and physical actor Ray Park, the First X-Men film version of Toad had all of his usual physical abilities and even his toad-tongue. However, on top of all this, Toad was both a mechanical genius, seen tinkering with various devices, and had an additional power of spit. Yes, you read that right, the X-Men version of Toad had the ability to spit a goop that could harden to be incredibly strong and durable. Gross.


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