10 Times Thor Proved He Was The Strongest Avenger

The ending of Avengers: Endgame left Thor in an interesting place. Unlike the other characters, Thor’s story is still incomplete, and we should be seeing more of him in the coming years.

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During his tenure in the MCU, Thor has displayed fabulous feats of strength and power, leading to Thor himself claiming to be the strongest Avenger. Before you start complaining about the comic book version’s feats, let us make clear this list includes the greatest achievements of the MCU version of Thor, since the mainstream audience is still riding the euphoria of Avengers: Endgame. Here are 10 reasons why Team Thor is the strongest one you can join.

10 Taking Out The Frost Giants

By the time Thor came out, we’d already seen the Hulk and Iron Man complete impressive feats of power, and many weren’t convinced the God of Thunder could pull off something more impressive - he ended up doing just that within the first twenty minutes.

Thor completely obliterated the Frost Giant ranks by steamrolling through them. His allies had a much more difficult time, as they could only take two opponents at a time; Thor got dozens within seconds, and completed the decimation by blasting through the throat of the Frost Giant monster. This was just a complete stomp, something you don’t see a protagonist doling out generally.

9 Defeating The Destroyer

The Destroyer was the famed weapon of Asgard, but it’s a shame we only saw it against Thor, since he made it look like a children’s plaything the way he vanquished it. Thor would suit up using Mjolnir, then attack the Destroyer head on.

It was supposed to look like an epic match-up, but if we’re being honest, Thor made it look too easy onscreen. But that is understandable as well; being the son of Odin, you can see why the Destroyer would be nothing compared to Thor, and that is exactly how it came across. Thor sacrificing himself earlier on when he didn't have his powers was what showed him to be strong from within.

8 Destroying The Chitauri Fleet

This unfortunately tends to get lost in the mix in The Avengers, due to the scene being a montage of what all the heroes were doing at the time. However, you’ll notice that Thor perched himself on top of a tower and proceeded to blitz through the Chitauri.

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Seriously, this was an incredible display of power, seeing as Thor had to do nothing but aim his hammer toward the portal and all the Chitauri dropped like flies. It also was a wonder why he stopped this attack considering it was proven to be a one-shot kill.

7 Beating Iron Man And The Hulk

Iron Man fanboys will be taking issue with this, but there is no doubt that Thor had him beat before Captain America showed during their fight in The Avengers. Iron Man had no answer to Thor’s repeated attacks, and even 400% capacity power didn’t deter the God of Thunder. Thor was shown to be crushing the Iron Man’s armor itself, and Captain America arrived just in time so there wasn’t an ugly scene.

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Years later, Hulk would face the same onslaught the way Iron Man had, when he battled Thor on Sakaar. Once Thor stopped holding back, Hulk had no clue what to make of Thor’s inherent lightning based attacks. Thor could match Hulk in the strength department, and bettered him in sheer power.

6 Defeating Surtur

Surtur vs Thor

The first time he fought Surtur, Thor went against a weakened version of the being. Still, we can’t imagine any of the Avengers (barring Hulk) even getting across Surtur’s undead army, let alone Surtur himself. Thor would make short work of the fight, and claim Surtur’s crown as his own.

In Asgard, Thor once again basically beat Surtur by outsmarting him. Surtur was too stupid to realize the Asgard he was destroying was nothing but an abandoned rock, and ended up killing himself over nothing. When you combine these cases, Thor comes out both as exceptionally strong and smart.

5 Unleashing Full Power

That badass descent from the throne room of the Asgardian palace over to the Bifrost bridge is quite possibly the best moment of the MCU, and Thor didn’t just jump, he blazed in and clobbered Hela’s army.

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This all-out power unleashing was a testament to the powers of Thor, as none of the other Avengers had inherent abilities like this. Thor summoned the biggest lightning blast in the history of creation onto Hela, and then proceeded to repeat these attacks to obliterate her army. It also reminded us that taking Stormbreaker or Mjolnir from Thor won’t do much good for his enemies, not when lightning runs through his veins.

4 Containing A Star

Durability and strength are actually two different things, but durability can be even better when considering the magnitude of the occasion. Had Thor not had insane durability that allowed him to create Stormbreaker, then everyone in the Battle of Wakanda would have perished.

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As it happened, Thor would unleash the force of a star in order to start the forge to make Stormbreaker, and here he got the full blast of it. Nobody else could have survived burns to this degree, but Thor would pick the new weapon up and head on over to Earth to finish off Thanos’ army.

3 Having Access To The Bifrost

Avengers: Endgame didn’t feature this power, which is an absolute shame because it actually makes Thor easily the strongest guy in the yard. With the Bifrost in his hands, Thor can easily travel across galaxies in an instant.

We saw him arrive from Nidavellir to Earth within seconds of creating Stormbreaker, and although it wasn’t seen, Thor could easily send his opponents anywhere in the universe - Battlefield Removals are the ultimate weapon. He has the option of travelling instantaneously from one place to another, enabling him to fight anyone at any point, meaning nobody can escape the God of Thunder.

2 Defeating Thanos

The directors of Avengers: Infinity War insist that Thor only defeated Thanos because the latter was taken by surprise, but in-universe there was no explanation, meaning Thor really was the only one who beat the Titan.

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Even if you consider Thanos being blindsided, it doesn’t change the fact that Thor tossed Stormbreaker with such force that the entire power of the Infinity Gauntlet was rendered weak. As far as the record books will go, Thor defeated Thanos in the fields of Wakanda, and Thanos’ only recourse was escaping to die another day... at the hands of Thor.

1 Accepting Himself For Who He Is

Yes, making Thor stronger than the rest of the Avengers isn’t a power attribute, it’s that he was willing to accept that he isn’t supposed to be all-powerful, he is just supposed to be a person he wants to be.

Captain America only retired when the war was over; Iron Man quit quite a few times; the rest of the Avengers settled in their roles; Thor went with his heart and into the cosmos to find himself. He gave up a kingdom and followers to rule over, all because he had the courage to accept he wasn’t the man for the job. Someone who accepts their weaknesses tends to be the strongest of individuals.

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