Fam Jams: 15 Times Related Characters Got Too Close

Just because they're related doesn't mean they'll leave each other alone. The painful truth here is that this sort of thing happens in the real world. Seeing as comics like to adapt real world events, it was only a matter of time before this was incorporated into superhero stories. Spoiler alert: they're just as unsettling in the comics as they are in reality. It's safe to say that comics are fairly weird in how they handle a lot of relationships, but in many instances, they've gone completely overboard. The implications, situation, and responses by other characters are so intense that we can't help but be shocked.

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Of course, we're referring to those times when family members get a little bit too attached to one another. Sure, each party has their own reason for committing these acts, but that doesn't stop it from being a little weird, to say the least. Furthermore, it's even creepier when you realize that it's happened several times and between some fairly well-known characters! Thankfully, the respective publishers have, more or less, tried to wipe these events from existence, but we still remember them all too well. These are the 15 times where family, or "like family",  forgot they were so close.


Let's start with the most famous one. Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia are some of the most classic protagonists. However, it's clear that George Lucas wasn't very clear about his vision for the characters at first. In A New Hope and Empire Strikes Back, there is a love triangle going on between Luke, Leia, and Han. Then, in the latter film, Luke and Leia share a kiss despite being unveiled as siblings later on.

To add more salt to old wounds, this relationship was further continued in the Star Wars comics. As a matter of fact, Star Wars #23 and #25 both depict a blossoming love between Luke and Leia. This all had to be done away with after Return of the Jedi revealed them to be not only related but twins. What is it with identical siblings getting involved with each other?


When Zeus is involved in anything, you can expect things to get a little on the creepy side. Keep in mind that both Marvel and DC Comics have their own versions of Zeus, and this entry refers to the Marvel one (oh yeah, he's a multiple offender). When Zeus's siblings were born, Cronus (their father) was told that one would overthrow him. Because of this, he placed them all in Tartarus.

That's when Rhea kept her latest pregnancy secret and Zeus was born to take Cronus down. After that, he rescued his siblings and married Hera. You heard that right. Olympus is ruled by a brother and sister who ended up being married. What's worse is that it wasn't enough for Zeus and he continuously cheated on her with other women.


Children of the villainous Baron Von Strucker, it seems all too simple that Andreas and Andrea would have some kind of strange relationship going on. However, it was their Ultimate Universe counterparts that received a little bit more attention (and in all the wrong ways).

First appearing in Ultimate X-Men #51, Andreas and Andrea were the presidents of Fenris International. Anybody who tried to cross them was dealt with swiftly and painfully. Later on, it was revealed that they gained powers by touching each other's bodies, which resulted in different powers depending on which parts they touched. There were a lot of implications here, and many people in the Ultimate Universe thought these two were actually married.


Superman and Supergirl have always been close friends, being cousins and all, but there was one time where things got a little bit on the disturbing side. That took place in Action Comics #291. In it, Superman is struggling to find a lady after things weren't working out well with Lois Lane. Because of this, Supergirl decides to play matchmaker and set him up with other women.

Then, as the issue progresses, Superman has a conversation with his cousin about the incest laws of Krypton. He also states that he wouldn't mind marrying her if it weren't against Kryptonian customs. However, he does say that it would be legal in other parts of the universe. Are we supposed to pretend like that's not the strangest conversation in the world?


The tradition of strange marriages among the gods continues. Hercules is the son of Zeus and Alcmena of Thebes. Already we've got a child coming straight out of an affair. However, Hercules was an impressive warrior and quickly moved his way up in the world, eventually becoming an Avenger, Champion, and Defender.

After completing his 12 trials and learning what he wanted to do with himself, he met Hebe and they married in an issue of Incredible Hercules. The problem here is that Hebe is the child of Zeus and Hera, which makes her the half-sister of Hercules. Unfortunately, their marriage wouldn't be fully secure either, as Hercules was almost as insufferable as his father when it came to the ladies. Guess the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree.


Nightcrawler didn't exactly have an easy life. After being the child between Mystique and the demon Azazel, there were many bad things that happened to young Kurt Wagner. He went into a few different homes, but the big one here was his foster home with the Szardos family.

It was there that he had a foster sister by the name of Jimaine. The two of them got along really well before Kurt decided to join the X-Men. It was then that Jimaine went with him and changed her name, leading to them dating in X-Men #98. They're not technically related in the sense that they're from the same parents, but it's just as uncomfortable as the Barry Allen/Iris West relationship in The Flash TV show.


Once again, this is the Marvel Comics version of these gods. Aphrodite was the result of an affair between Zeus and one of the Titans. Despite this, she ended up as one of the most beautiful gods in existence. Many men and gods alike pined after her, but she was fairly unattainable.

However, Zeus decided to meddle once again and force her to marry Hephaestus. As you can probably guess, Hephaestus is one of the children of Zeus and Hera, making him her half-brother. Because of their forced union, Aphrodite wasn't happy with the results and decided to have many affairs while still being married to the craftsman. It's just another case where the genetics of the father are passed down to his children.


There were a few decisions in The Killing Joke movie that left us scratching our heads, but the worst of them all was portraying Batman and Batgirl's relationship in the first half of the film. Batman's sidekicks, like Robin and Batgirl, have always been like children to him. He brings them in and teaches them the ropes of fighting the worst of Gotham City. That's it.

In The Killing Joke film (the distinction between the film and the comic is necessary), they decided to make Batgirl a lover of Batman, and there's even a scene where the two of them get it on. While not technically related, their dynamic in the comics makes this scene all the more disturbing and makes us wish we could gouge out our eyes.


For those of you that don't know, She-Hulk is actually the cousin of Bruce Banner. By getting in contact with his DNA, she too gained the radioactive powers, albeit a more toned down version of them. In the regular universe, they've been comrades and friendly relatives. In the Old Man Logan storyline, a different reality exists.

In it, the world is plagued by a group known as the Hulk Gang. These monstrous beasts are all versions of the Incredible Hulk. How did they come into existence? Well, Bruce Banner's radiation problem prevented him from mating with any normal person. Instead, he decided to get it on with his cousin, She-Hulk, so that he could have his own children. It gets worse when you consider that she was later killed while trying to defend the world.


Spider-Man has been known to have many different women in his life, but the story between him and Silk is a bit different. After the radioactive spider bit Peter Parker it nipped Cindy Moon before finally dying in Amazing Spider-Man Vol 3 #1. It wasn't until much later, however, that she actually interacted with the Spider-Man.

Due to being affected by the same spider bite, these two essentially became somewhat like siblings in nature. However, their strong connection caused them to instinctively share a few intimate moments, which they stated was a result of having the same origin. It got to a point where they put some distance between themselves for a little while, but Cindy Moon eventually learned to be a hero and took the name of Silk.


This Zeus is the DC Comics version. In the original continuity, Wonder Woman was created when Hippolyta built a model of clay and it was blessed by the gods. In the New 52, this was just a lie, as Hippolyta actually birthed her by having an affair with Zeus, making her the god's daughter.

For some reason, Zeus didn't quite get the memo (or just didn't care). In Wonder Woman Vol 2 #10, Zeus decides that he wants to get it on with his own daughter and tries to force her to get with him. However, she rejects him outright, making her one of the only women to do so. As you can imagine, Zeus didn't take kindly to this, and the two have been at odds with each other for many years.


With the Inhumans TV show on the rise, we thought it'd be interesting to take a deeper look into the leaders of that realm: Black Bolt and Medusa. However, what we found was something that could bleed into the show, for better or for worse. When we first meet these characters in the comics, we don't think anything about it.

They've clearly been together a long time and have a special connection. However, in Thor #149, it was revealed that Black Bolt is actually the second cousin of Medusa. When they first met (we're guessing at some sort of super-powered family reunion), she formed a quick bond with the powerful Inhuman and they were together not long after that. There's no doubt their love for each other is sweet, but the idea that they're related just makes things a little weirder.


First appearing in Tales of the Green Lantern Corps #1, Arisia was a young girl who became a Green Lantern. Being a fellow human, she got along very well with Hal Jordan, who was also a Green Lantern. The two formed a fast friendship, with Hal even referring to her as "little sister."

However, this moniker didn't last too long. Arisia eventually developed a crush on Hal Jordan, and despite still calling her his sister, he reciprocated at times. There was even a moment where he embraced her a bit too tightly. Before things got too creepy, Arisia aged herself with her ring so that she could actually have a chance to date Hal, and they formed a romantic relationship. Isn't love beautiful?


Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver are the twin mutant children of Magneto, we all know that. In Earth-616, they were close to each other, but it was always more of a sibling type of relationship. That all changed when it was time for the third series of The Ultimates to see the light of day.

In it, Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver spend a lot of time together, and they are very secretive about it. When Captain America begins to ask questions about what's going on between them, it's Wasp who points out specifically what's been going on. It was one of the most disturbing parts of The Ultimates run and we still haven't gotten over it to this day.


We're going to end this on a strange union. For those of you who don't know, Don Allen and Meloni Thawne came together to birth Bart Allen, thus uniting the two warring families. However, things get a little more unnerving when you start to break apart the really complicated Allen Family Tree.

It turns out that Barry Allen had a twin brother by the name of Malcolm Thawne. Malcolm Thawne had a son named Thaddeus who then had a daughter named Meloni. Barry Allen's son was the speedster, Don Allen. Because of the relation between their ancestors, that would make Don Allen and Meloni Thawne cousins. That, in turn, makes Bart Allen an inbred speedster. It gets kind of uncomfortable when you say it out loud.

Are there any other related characters who got a little too close? Let us know in the comments!

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