Time travel + revenge sex = Joe Infurnari's new comic for Trip City

There comes a time when every person has to stand up for themselves... but young Salvatore Ghesboro does it in a most unusual way.

Launched yesterday at Trip City, Joe Infurnari's comic series Time Fucker shows the story of how Salvatore ("Sally" to his mother) looks to get revenge on all the bullies, friends and family members that have caused him anguish by "Time Fucking" them before they were born.

That's right, time travel for revenge sex.

Using a cast-off time machine invented by Thomas Edison, Sal's goal is to travel back in time and preemptively have sex with the mothers of his adversaries, with the goal of impregnating them and cancelling out his foes, or subverting them to be more like him. His first target? His half-brother, Dick.

Featuring cameos by Screamin' Jay Hawkins and an inventive use of Tony Atlas ads, Time Fucker is a surprising return for the Eisner-nominated Infurnari, but I'm not complaining because it's rowdy and excellent. Infurnari's already posted the first 10 pages of the story, with future installments planned for every Thursday this month.

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