Time To Vote for the 75 Greatest Superman Stories Of All-Time!

Here's how this will work. There will be a poll with 100 stories on it below. Simply vote for every story that you think is a "great Superman story." Just put a check next to each box next to each story you think is a great Superman story and then press "vote" at the end of the poll. You can vote for all 100 of them. You can vote for 90 of them. You can vote for 9 of them. Whatever floats your boat. Only you can decide what you think is a great Superman story.

If you're unsure what any given story is about, here is a more detailed list of nominees. Just click on the grouping with the given story number (like "74. 'Superman Under the Green Sun!' Superman Volume 1 #155" would be in the group "Greatest Superman Stories: Nominees #71-80") for a more detailed description of the story.

Read on for the poll!

You have until Wednesday morning to vote!

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