Time Lord, Meet Pop Diva - Or Maybe Not

This may be my favorite "Never Going To Happen, But There's Something Wonderful About It Nonetheless" casting rumor ever: Will Lady Gaga guest-star in an episode of the BBC's Doctor Who?

Well, let's face it: The answer is almost definitely no. I love Who as much as the next man, but Lady Gaga is very, very unlikely to give up time from her busy popstar lifestyle of making more money than either you or I can count to film an appearance in the British sci-fi show, despite what writer Gareth Roberts is telling people. I mean, if she didn't even do a cameo on Glee's Gaga-centric episode, what chance is there she'd turn up on Who?

And, besides: If that kind of thing happened in the real show, what kind of thing would the fan-fic writers be forced to come up with to top it? (No, I really don't want your suggestions in the comments, thanks very much.)

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