It's Time For the Bond Franchise to End


By now you've likely heard that Bond 25 will be Daniel Craig's last film as James Bond, a role he's been playing for 12 years now, since Casino Royale (directed by Martin Campell). Over the course of his time as the world famous spy, Craig has helped shape his fair share of iconic moments, and it's difficult to deny the fact that the actor has proven himself a worthwhile successor to the likes of Pierce Brosnan and Sean Connery.

If nothing else, he's just as dapper as the rest. The news of Craig's departure after the 25th Bond film has unsurprisingly left almost every fan of the franchise asking just one question: who will be the next James Bond? That's not what we'll be exploring here. No, we won't be looking at who will replace Daniel Craig. We'll be asking why.

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The Bond franchise pretty much shaped the spy genre, popularizing it worldwide. For decades, fans have been eager to see the new opening sequences, hear the songs that played over them, see who the new Bond girls were and generally enjoy the film viewing experience unique to a Bond film. High-tech gadgetry, over-the-top villains and spectacular last-minute escapes from death-traps were made famous by 007's adventures, but since the days of Brosnan's well-equipped secret agent, the franchise has had little new to offer. The Daniel Craig Bond films were laden with references to past films and iterations of Bond, and while that's all good fun, it's also a sign that the franchise might be on its last legs.

Filming hasn't even begun on the next installment, and there have already been major issues, namely the loss of Danny Boyle as the film's director over what has been reported simply as "creative differences." At the present time, there are several reports as to what those differences might be; The Sun reported that, according to unnamed sources, the studio sought to kill the iconic spy in "dramatic fashion" and Boyle was strongly against it, while The Telegraph reported that it was due to differences on the nature of the film's themes and central conflict with regards to the villain, citing concerns it was beginning to look a little too much like a modern-day Cold War. If these rumors are true, then it appears fans and filmmakers alike are faced with a problem concerning the franchise and its lack of impact and general relevance.

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