Time.com's Best & Worst of Comics in 2004

Time.com's Andrew Arnold assembled his list of the best and worst comics had to offer in 2004. The list is an eclectic group of comics product and it's probably no surprise that not a single super-hero powered book is to be found on the list and outside of "Bone: One Volume Edition," no books that sold well in the direct market are featured on the best of list. The Top 10 Comics of 2004 according to Arnold include:

  1. "McSweeney's Quartery Concern" No. 13 - Edited by Chris Ware
  2. "Phoenix: Karma" - By Osamu Tezuka
  3. "Bone: One Volume Edition" - By Jeff Smith
  4. "Kramer's Egot" No. 5 - Edited by Sammy Harkham
  5. "Locas" - By Jaime Hernandez
  6. "Clybe Fans: Book One" - By Seth
  7. "Amy & Jordan" - By Mark Beyer
  8. "Eightball" No. 23 - By Dan Clowes
  9. "Mother, Come Home" - By Paul Hornschemeier
  10. "Bighead" - By Jeffrey Brown

One book has the distinction of being considered "the worst" of 2004 according to Arnold: "Jimbo in Purgatory" by Gary Painter.

For the full list with editorial comment, click here.

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