Tim Seeley Has His Own Idea For a Nightwing Movie

While little is known about Warner Bros.' Nightwing, that hasn't stopped some from offering their own ideas for Dick Grayson's live-action solo film. Recently, one such suggestion came from a writer who's very familiar with the character.

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“I would do a very similar thing to what we did in the first six issues of Nightwing — the Raptor story," current Nightwing comics writer Tim Seeley told ComicBook.com. Co-created by Seeley, Raptor is a French thief and Grayson's former ally who later betrays his trust. "If the story is going to have to be about a guy who was trained by Batman going off to fight on his own, then having him fight a guy who wants to be his new mentor and changes, I think that’s the perfect story for it."

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Seeley described how his early storyline lends itself well to a three-act film.

That said, Seeley stressed that he's not invested in Raptor's use in the film, joking that he wasn't suggesting it "just because I would love the sweet royalties of having a character in the movie that I made up but also because [fellow Nightwing rogue] Blockbuster would be really hard to film, I think.”

Directed by Chris McKay, Nightwing is expected film sometime in 2018.

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