Tim Seeley Joins "Talon;" More From DC Comics in February

DC Comics' February 2014 solicitations have been released, and with them come several relevant pieces of news. Among them, "Hack/Slash" and "Revival's" Tim Seeley joins "Talon" as writer with issue #16, in what CBR News has confirmed will be a two-issue stint.

Additionally, "Sandman: Overture" #2, announced earlier on Monday as delayed from its original Dec. 31 release date, is now scheduled for Feb. 26.

Elsewhere in DC's solicitations, "Batman/Superman" and "Worlds' Finest" are slated for a multi-part crossover titled "First Contact," detailing the first meeting between superhero pairs Batman & Superman and Power Girl & Huntress. "First Contact" is slated to start in February's "Batman/Superman" #8, continuing later that month in "Worlds' Finest" #20 and running through at least March's "Batman/Superman" #9.

February also sees the release of the penultimate issue of DC event series "Forever Evil," with that month's issue #6 said to contain "The final fate of Nightwing!"

The "Gothtopia" story running through selected Batman titles continues for a second month in February, including Catbird -- established in DC's January 2014 solicitations to be Selina Kyle -- meeting Catwoman, this one presumably not Selina Kyle, in "Catwoman" #28. In other "Batman" event news, the end of the second act of "Zero Year," "Zero Year: Dark City," hits in February's "Batman" #28.

"Teen Titans" #28 promises major developments for Kid Flash, with the solicitation text, "Kid Flash's true history and motivations are revealed as he goes to war with his former teammates in the future he plans to rule."

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