Tim Sale Developing Batman Projects with King, Higgins

Artist Tim Sale has revealed to ComicsBlog.fr that he is working on two previously unannounced Batman projects. While in France for Comic Con Paris, he indicated that he is currently collaborating with two writers to provide interior artwork for the projects. He will work with current Batman writer Tom King for one project, and the other will be with Nightwing: The New Order writer Kyle Higgins.

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Over the years, Sale has made a name for himself by collaborating with some of the top creators in the industry. He has primarily worked with Jeph Loeb for the bulk of his bibliography, which includes several Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight Halloween Specials, Batman: The Long Halloween, Batman: Dark Victory, Superman For All Seasons and Catwoman: When in Rome at DC Comics.

The two moved over to Marvel to publish Daredevil: Yellow, Spider-Man: Blue, Hulk: Gray and Captain America: White. He has also worked with Matt Wagner on Grendel and with Jim Lee on Deathblow. He launched Superman Confidential in 2007 with Darwyn Cooke.

Though Sale has stayed out of the spotlight in recent years, he has remained linked to Batman and the character's top creators. He has provided variant covers for Tom King's Batman book and Scott Snyder's Batman/Shadow crossover title.

Stay tuned with CBR for more details about Sale's new projects as they become available.

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