Tim Drake's New Codename and Costume Come With a Brand-New Logo

After Tim Drake chose a new superhero name in Young Justice #8, readers had to wait two issues to see the hero unveil his new costume in issue #10. Now going by the codename "Drake," Tim donned his capeless suit in the climax of the team's battle against their evil Crime Syndicate of America counterparts from Earth-3.

When the Young Justice team comes together for a group shot in issue #10, we get our first clear shot of Drake's new DC logo.

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Drake is joined by Impulse, Amethyst and Wonder Girl, with Earth-3's Batwoman (Stephanie Brown) along as backup. The Drake logo is designed very similarly to the Robin logo, with emphasis put on the "D" instead of the "R."

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Tim decided on the Drake moniker after facing off against Earth-3's Tim Drake. During their fight, the evil doppelganger revealed he ditched the codename Robin for Drake, which is based on one of the most "dangerous birds."

The former third-protege of Batman has gone by a couple of different codenames in the DC Universe. Tim followed in Dick Grayson and Jason Todd's footsteps as the third Robin, and then made a small addition to the name to become the Red Robin. With Bruce Wayne's son, Damian, now the official Robin, Tim went back to calling himself Red Robin during the New 52. However, now he has a fitting codename all to himself, and a logo to match.

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