Tim Burton's 'Batman: The Musical?'

[Tim Burton]With all the talk of Wolfgang Petersen's "Superman vs. Batman" in the past month fans of DC's top icons might be surprised to hear that one of them will be making his way to New York's Broadway Theater district in a high profile musical with a big time mainstream director attached.

Playbill Online reports that Tim Burton, the director behind the 1989 "Batman" feature and the man who started the franchise, will also direct a new musical version of "Batman" on Broadway.

Some of you may have read about this project some time ago. Back in April of 1999 news came out that Warner Bros. was developing a musical version of "Batman." Appropriately titled "Batman: The Musical," the show was set to launch on Broadway in early 2001. Since then, though, there's been little news, until yesterday.

Burton will be working with composer Jim Steinman and librettist David Ives on "Batman: The Musical." Ives has been attached to the project since those early days in 1999. Steinman, who'll be writing the score and lyrics, is best known for his work on Meatloaf's "Bat Out of Hell." The hope is to give the show an out-of-town tryout sometime in 2004 with a Broadway bow sometime in 2005.

[Superman: The musica]While this may be somewhat surprising news, it shouldn't be unexpected. According to the Superman Homepage, the musical comedy "It's a Bird It's a Plane It's Superman" debuted at the Alvin Theater on Broadway in 1966. The show did garner some favorable reviews, but only lasted a short three months. In 1975 a very forgettable version of this same play aired on ABC Television.

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