Tim Bradstreet talks 'Batman/Deathblow,' other projects

Timothy Bradstreet continues to set the standard when it comes to creating dark, gritty, street-level art. He's been the regular cover artist on 'The Punisher' for Marvel, but his next assignment has him very excited.

"I'm currently inking the interiors, covers, and illustrating back covers for the new Wildstorm/DC crossover, 'Batman/Deathblow'," Bradstreet told CBR News on Wednesday. The three issue series will be published in a prestige format with Lee Bermejo handling cover and interior pencils and will be hand-colored by Grant Goleash. The story of Batman and Deathblow's interaction will be penned by none other than Brian Azzarello. "According to the schedule, the first issue ships in December," said Bradstreet. "This book is awesome."

Additionally, Bradstreet gave us advance news of a yet-to-be-published project he's just started on. "It's too early to say who will publish, but I have in my hands a project called "Stitch in Time" written by Academy award nominated writer/director Frank Darabont (Shawshank Redemption/Green Mile)," said Bradstreet. "Frank has given me permission to shop the project around and do the adaptation. I will provide covers, or cover depending on the format and will ink the project as well. I have my creative dream team assembled and orally committed so we'll see what happens," he said. This project will be slated for release in 2002.

Bradstreet will also finally have the chance to do something he's always wanted to do. "I'm finally getting the chance to illustrate my favorite Marvel character; Deathlok," said Bradstreet. "I'm doing two pin-ups for the upcoming Marvel Millennium Visions book. The book examines these characters in a possible future, ten years from now." he said. His second illustration for the book will, of course, be The Punisher.

But that's not all. Not by a long shot. Bradstreet will also be continuing his long-running gig as cover artist for Vertigo's Hellblazer, however he had some news about upcoming changes to this arrangement. "Coming soon, I'll not only be providing covers for Vertigo's Hellblazer, I'll be taking on the interiors for an issue," says Bradstreet. This is only the second time during his run on Hellblazer that Bradstreet has illustrated a full issue. The first being issue 141 which was written by Warren Ellis entitled 'The Crib'. "My issue will focus on the character of Agent Turro who I co-created with Azzarello in the pages of Vertigo's four issue limited series 'Gangland'," says Bradstreet. "Agent Turro has enjoyed a reoccurring role in the pages of Hellblazer since Azzarello took over as writer," he said. There was no word yet on what issue Bradstreet's work will appear, but Bradstreet said he would begin shooting (the photo references) in August after the Wizard World Chicago show.

From Comics to Toys, Bradstreet does it all. "I just completed an illustration that depicts three Vampires for the back of a toy/action figure blister card. The action figures are being produced by Diamond Select Toys and licensed through White Wolf Games. The characters are from White Wolf's Vampire: the Masquerade line. This is the first illustration I've done for a White Wolf affiliated project since we parted ways a long while back. I worked with the folks at Diamond Select and they were great," said Bradstreet.

As if this weren't enough, Timothy also shared a little about his work for MAX, Marvel's mature imprint, coming in September. "I will be the regular cover artist for the new incarnation of Marvel comic's 'Blade the Vampire Slayer,'" said Bradstreet, but quickly added, "I think we're just calling it 'Blade' though."

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